24 June 2008

Belly Laughing...

This is not to point any fingers at any random body parts...it's to describe what last evening under the stars out on a deck evolved into...(yes, the picture is from last year, but it's honestly one of my favorites of Ms. Dina)

Surrounded by wine,
cookies and cheese...Dina and I played a bit of catch-up and plan. Catch-up on all the happenings and plan for Rich's big photo show opening on Saturday...All those important things like:

  • what are you wearing?
  • what shoes are you wearing?
  • will you pluck my eyebrows?
  • will you do my make-up?
  • and how do you do a chignon anyway?

It looks as if
we've got Saturday afternoon in reserve for the getting ready of the whole thing. The evening was going along swimmingly until I pronounced the word Crudités like crew-dites...and Dina stopped for a minute, got very serious and said, "...you mean, Crudités (pronounced crew-dee-tay)?"

oh yes.


That set us off to then speak in a twangy sort of way from then on...talking about all them fancy type parties we're going to throw...specifically with this china. Only at $1200. for the entire set (and the entire set only being for dessert and tea) we decided that if we did indeed invest in that set, we would lovingly set it up on a table and then carefully steer all of our friends over to the card table in the back of the room where the paper plates they would be eating off of were...the table set with this? Why it would only be a picture for the blog of course. But really, are dishes more important than friendships?

When they cost $1200...

Yes. Yes they are.

BUT, never fear...
we came up with the ultimate plan...we would create a stencil of the poodle and woman silhouette and then color them onto the paper plates with Sharpie markers.

Crisis averted...Problem solved.

Because Dina likes to surround herself with a kick-ass creative team...because that's how we roll...Which also had us rolling around on the floor...

Belly Laughing


Mytutorlist.com said...

That is an amazing tea set. I'm not so sure about the sharpie marker version though. I think I'd love to see them and admire them, but I'm not sure about eating off of them... lol...

She sure is strange! said...

I'm assuming you'll be serving other "horse doovers" besides crew-dites? ROTFLOL

Must. Have. Those. Plates.

And I am dying to know what you'll be wearing and how you'll do your hair... Wish my old suburban could make it that far, I'd be there to find out in person!!


sulu-design said...

Just in case you're serious, check out this link (no one will be scared to eat off the plates if you use this, I guess):

Anonymous said...

WOW... Cool tea set!

Belly laughs add years to one's life...Live long!

thatgirldina said...

Oh my. I'm STILL cracking up...so much so, in fact, that I couldn't even squeek the words out to tell my mom about our girlie evening without snorting...which of course, only made me (and her and Niko) laugh all that much harder. It's a gift I tell ya. One that keeps on giving apparently.

Thank you ever so much for everything Sadie...your friendship, your fashion advice, your shoulders to cry on....the wine, the cheese.....



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