09 June 2008

The Movie...

Girls meet up, with lunch beforehand (no cosmos for some reason) buy tickets and then take a look at some RV's.

The RV's happened to be sitting in an empty dirt parking lot next to the theater. Huge RV's...huge huge huge...one was about $100,000. more than I paid for my actual house (although, I can't drive my house around. That I know of) It was lovely to dream...although, I didn't see any Airstreams...which I think are a bit classier. And when anticipating an afternoon with the cast of Sex and the City...I would rather save my money for clothes, shoes and handbags...

And then we finally made our way into the theater for the movie.

What can I say? I laughed, I cried...it was more than I was even expecting (I'm so out of the loop, I didn't even know they were making a movie, and when I found out, I almost didn't want to see it...but, I'm so glad I did) Since I'm mostly close to the characters ages, they are usually dealing with some of the same issues I am, so every once in a while something really hit home (which is why I brought tissue with me...my sister warned me that I needed to...and may have been why I was weepy when I got home as well, I was planning on making some phone calls when I got home, and just didn't have it in me and snuck into bed earlier than I planned)

As an avid watcher of the Sex and the City series, I honestly didn't think there were any loose ends to tie up, so sitting at the movies was actually like having a fun afternoon with 4 good friends I haven't seen in a while...it was lovely to catch up with them...and I'd love to do it again in another 4 years as well.

I, like other people I've read...totally got into the movie so much (after I told myself that I would try to really see all the clothes and wonderfulness that is...although Dina and I would lean towards each other and point out something...and that red floral dress Carrie is wearing? Oh...swoon-a-roo! I think I was pointing at it and whispering, "I want that!" at the same time her mother was whispering, "I can totally see Sadie in that" I mean...Carrie and I have the same Mac...although, I noticed for this movie she upgraded to a MacBook Pro...hmmmm...I wonder...?) that I think I may see the movie again. Not that it's a bad thing. My only "complaint" is that every once in a while in the movie, the girls were sooo excited to see each other they squealed...which I thought was not very authentic, and it seemed a little contrived...I mean, they didn't spend that much time apart, so it was a little weird they would be that exited to see each other every time. All in all, it was wonderful to see these 4 friends still supporting and loving each other throughout their lives.

and the clothes! The shoes! The handbags! They were magnificent...

Of Course.

And another weird side effect of the movie besides wanting to go out and shop high fashion, or make high fashion is: Damn Sara Jessica Parker looks great! I eagerly hopped out of bed this morning and high-tailed it to the gym...I mean, she's older than I am...there's hope to look that good right? I mean, if she's like Madonna, she works out 4 hours a day...I could shoot for mostly that tone right?


Anonymous said...

Ya know, call me strange... but I never got into the show.

Glad to hear you had fun...Fun is good!


She sure is strange! said...

I'm with Lois, can't relate to these gals at all. My xsil(the one with the butt bling-abilitiy) is gaga for them though, if it makes you feel any better. (ducking for cover now in the event you heft something my direction, lol)

FWIW, I didn't get into Friends or Sienfeld either. Give me M*A*S*H reruns, The Naked Archaeologist or Survivorman and I'm good though.

Glad you loved it! I do know that many have connected with the characters and I think that's fun.


Sadie said...

No comparison to the series...and sadly the movie could have been just as good. Disappointing writing, traditional plot, old themes. Neither my husband or I laughed once and we go into hysterics at the re-runs of the show. Poor poor writing...what was that about? And note, you all, Samantha, the most "sexual of all" was left alone (sure you can say it was of her own choosing, but "someone" was writing her.)


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