11 January 2009

Weekend Starts...

Well Well...

Thank you for all the hair love.

I am still making my peace with it, which seems kind of nuts seeing as so many people really like it. I am finding it hard to put the right face on in the morning. I mean, it's always my regular face, but I'm thinking it needs some extra color, but not color like a clown mind you...natural color...like an airbrushed model.

Or darker lipstick.

Something like that.

I noticed that I missed some blogging days last week didn't I? Sorry about that, I want to think it's less to do with me feeling out of sorts (stupid full moon) and more to do with the Facebook addiction factor instead, so we'll just go with that.

I'm addicted to Facebook...it's like high school. Mostly because it includes a lot of the people I went to high school with, and we're all talking to each other...only I'm not so awkward. Mostly. Mostly I still am.


But, the cool thing is that I can IM with various people that I don't usually do that with, but that I still love to stay in touch with...via email. Or once a year phone calls. This is all sounding a bit strange, even to me.

It's been strange around here.

I did vacuum and do some light cleaning this weekend, and haul up Mt. Laundry from the basement (although, I didn't fold and put anything away) I went out with the girlies on Saturday night (and stayed up past 9! I actually came home at 9:02...so HA!) I ran errands (bought food, and put it away) and then I went through some of my clothes (I had a weird idea at Anthropologie, that from now on, I would only have a few things that look really good on me, and that it's crazy that I have so many clothes. It must be the music in there, or the simple fact that I'm surrounded by fantastically expensive clothing that most often looks good on someone...the fact is, I kept a lot of things, but still decided to take a lot of things into Snap Snap) chatted and caught up with some friends via phone, designed a brochure with Dina...

And? I still have a whole day off until my work week starts again.

I know you're jealous.

But come on. I don't get Saturday's off anymore.

I am going to chase down a ghost town with Rich tomorrow though. So, that should be fun! I'll be sure and take lots of pictures...like I usually do.

But for now? For now, I'm going to crawl into a bed with clean sheets and sleep, so I can get up and go to the gym bright and early...and then run around before we take off...

Happy Weekend everybody!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're on FB now! :-D)

sulu-design said...

Man... I go to Virginia for a week and it takes me two weeks to get my blog-reading act together! I missed out on the hair cut post... it is FREAKING adorable. I love the layers and the lightness of it - it is so youthful and fresh. I'm feeling inspired for a cut myself - thank you.
I hope 2009 is treating you well!


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