19 January 2009

Hangin With My Peeps...

What a busy weekend!

Movies (Benjamin Button...very good. I got myself all gussied up for our date and cried all of my makeup off...I cried almost from the moment the movie started until I woke up the next morning...it's very very touching) ghost towns (I promise I will blog about that tomorrow...I am absolutely beat after getting up early and hiking around an abandoned mining town) and blogger meet-ups...


What's that?

A blogger meet up?

Why yes. We did have a little meeting for local Prescott bloggers...and had a great turn out.

We all met at Casa Sanchez, my most favorite Mexican restaurant in town on Sunday...and had a great turn out. Lot's of new people, and an impressively huge list of blogs I'm now looking forward to visiting! (over 40 at last count)

There were artists, photographers, jewelry makers...and just some ole regular people as well. Yet, I'm sure when I look at the blogs, I'll find all sorts of interesting offerings. It was wonderful to meet such a great new group of people, and see some old friends as well!

Granny J is our local blogging hero and organizer of these gatherings (Rich and I owe her a lot ;) ) although if you click on that link over there, you'll notice that she often gets my picture when I'm making some crazy silly faces...ahem. But, I digress...

The first blogging meet-up was almost 2 years ago, and the exact place Rich and I met for the very first time...so I hold these blogger meet ups as rather magical places.

We've agreed that we're going to try to meet up the second Sunday of each month...so, if there's any local people who haven't received the invitations, or if you're planning on being in Prescott...let us know and we'll make sure to include you!


heather said...

this is such a great idea! i don't know if we have enough in my area to gather... i should look into that. enjoy your newly expanded community! :)

flutter said...

can you please tell me what is historic about Mayer?


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