05 February 2010

Doing the High Kick With Popcorn...

As I stare into the face of the end of yet another week...I'm a little amazed.  It went by so quickly.  Why is that things go by so much quicker now?  Is it my age?  Is it like they say...you'd better watch out or you'll snap your fingers and it will be gone like that?

It could be the fact that I had an extra long week the last two weeks and I got to take Monday off this week, and I happen to be creating extra drama.

Just sayin.

I'm also looking into a couple of days to myself and the inevitable onslaught of potential plans that pop in and out of my head which would be enough to fill up a week of days off.  I'm feeling like not making any concrete plans instead, and just watching them come and go through the drive-in theater in my head...potentially fun activities peppered with dancing candies and popcorn...holding hands, doing the high kick.

I mean, really...Is there anything quite as magical as anthropomorphic food?

Perhaps.  But watching happy food hold hands and dance around does make one pause.

I think I shall spend the weekend instead recovering...recovering from the onslaught of jeans at Snap Snap the denimy goodness covering every workspace and spilling out all over.  The inevitable running out of hangers...

And this whateverIhad cold/flu thing not too long ago coming back for a visit...hopefully it will be brief because it's moved into my chest...and I'd rather it not take up residence there for too long in there thankyouverymuch.  Cause, it's making me tired, and interfering with my gym time.

And heavens but Foolsewoode needs a once over by someone with a vacuum in one hand and a duster in the other.

So...for all of you with big plans this weekend, I hope your every wish comes true...for the rest of us, I hope we find an easy rhythm in which to enjoy ourselves.


Suzanne said...

I'm with you! It seems like every time I turn around, it is Friday again. Last week's Friday felt like it fell on Thursday! Age I think is part of it, or so they say, and our routines we find ourselves in. Fewer things are new to us so the days blend more.

I wish you a healthy happy weekend!

Tonya said...

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