25 December 2008

Holiday Presence :: Day Twenty-Eight

(this year's holiday card image)

Merry Christmas to all...

And to all...

A good night.

And a wonderful day. Full of all the magic and the joys of the holiday season.

I was dreaming of a white Christmas, and we were talking about it last night when Rich and I were at Ian and Jantina's home for Christmas Eve. Jantina and I decided that all we really wanted for Christmas was snow.

Of course they had the baby dressed as Santa (complete with a hat) So, I almost took him for Christmas instead. I mean, really...a fat happy baby elf would just about trump snow.

I woke to a wet Christmas instead...seeing as it rained most of the night...I suppose it may turn to snow. I mean, it's Christmas, miracles happen...


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! Enjoy the blessings of this very special day!

thatgirldina said...

Happy Christmas Miss Sadira! We too, are hoping this icy rain turns to snow. Hope you are having an amazing day!
-d, c and n
(and lou lou too)

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Merry Christmas! Lovely holiday image :)

I tried to send you an e-greeting but I must not have your correct email address...anyway, my wish for all is on the blog today (the second image is the one I sent in the email) :)

sulu-design said...

Merry Christmas - it's finally here! I hope that your presence project made this holiday a little brighter than some in the past. It definitely cheered me up. After days and days of gorgeous snow, we woke up to rain, too... good thing Santa got through first.

Suzanne said...

Great photo and loved the card too! I hope your day was really, really nice!


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