18 November 2009

Getting Away...

Today is both My Father's and Rich's Birthdays.
(insert Freudian joke here)

In honor of both of them, I am going away for a few days.

Oh.  That kind of sounds strange doesn't it?
Happy Birthday Boys!  I will spare you my company and leave...

My Father actually happens to be having a his big Birthday Shin-dig at his place in Italy...I wish I was there, but you can believe I'm there in spirit.
(which is a bummer, because I'd rather be there in form so I could enjoy all the food and wine)

This series of pictures is from my recent trip to California, where we made a point to stop by the beach before we left for home to dip our toes into the ocean.  We ran to Seal Beach which has been a stomping ground since I was a small child, and also one that I visit when I visit my father (as it's very close to where he lives)  We had breakfast at Ruby's which happens to sit itself at the very end of the pier out there.

We were virtually alone for breakfast, which was odd.

We drove by my Father's house (well, in the general neighborhood) and I was a bit sad that he wasn't there to give a big hug and kiss to.

I thought of you a lot while we were stomping all over dad, so you were there with me in spirit too.
(and you would have loved the pumpkin shake I had that Ruby's has for a limited edition sort of time)

Rich and I are actually going away for his Birthday.
Not just me.
We'll be together.

At one of his current favorite places at the moment.

I have been joking all week that I hope I don't freeze because it's been in the 30's both here and there at night as of late.  My crazy joking acts like a smoke screen to cover up the fact that I've never done any real cold weather camping, so I am scared I'm going to be cold and then freak out.

I tend to take freaked out to a whole different level where there's lots of crying involved.
He has been warned though, and I think he can handle it.

It feels like I was just lucky enough to go somewhere and now I'm rushing around getting things all settled so that I can turn around and do it all again.

I am noticing that I feel a bit guilty about having so much fun out in the world, and like I should be saving money for the holidays and bills and that I should be somewhere working instead.

I think I may have to abandon that idea all together and embrace a more joyful attitude instead.

When you own your own business, you are responsible for taking care of every aspect of it...there are no paid holidays and days off.

But, I think everyone deserves a little rest and relaxation.

Guilt free.

I will see you back in this space refreshed and with new photos next week.
Have fun all...


Kristal said...

We must have been posting at the same time! Please wish both your Boys a Happy Birthday. And I do hope you stay warm. I could not even imagine camping in the cold. I don't do cold. I'm a Gulf Coast gal, I do HOT! Crash me in the jungle, put me with snakes, but don't plop me in the snow, I won't make it.
But I do hope you have a fun time! I'll be thinking about you!

wende said...

I'm going with you to Italy in spirit. Yeah, that's me, virtually crashing a party. Heh.

Alexandra MacVean said...

May you have a great, relaxing, and peaceful time off and away! Be safe!

Suzanne said...

Have a great time and stay warm!

sulu-design said...

Wait... you're back and you're gone again! This trip, though, seems a lot more my speed. Enjoy the time, like you said - GUILT FREE!


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