19 July 2007

The World of High Fashion...

So, I went home yesterday changed into a vintage slip and relaxed for the whole evening. Now, I know what you're thinking

where is the picture of Sadira in her vintage slip?

Well, I'm sorry, but you'll just have to use your imagination on that one folks...

It's already been a whirlwind of a week, that has sometimes left me rushing around like a chicken with my head cut-off (kind of ruins the slip image for you doesn't it?) appointments, errands, wonderful friends in town, a life sized pile of clothes in the shop to price (not to mention bags of stuff to go through every 5 minutes) It's all been a little overwhelming, so a restful night by myself was in order indeed (along with chocolate and coffee...or wine...or water for that matter)

All that aside...other than the small mention of the slip, this is not much of a fashion report is it? And with the above title, I may have led you to believe something entirely different would be said here. Here Goes...

Working in the fashion industry (I am trying not to take too far of a leap here, cause' resale clothing is still fashion, and I sell things so it's industry as well) I have been noticing a trend in tees that say something. Sometimes I chuckle when I see them. For instance, Dina has 2 wonderful tees that say:

"I'm here, what are your other 2 wishes?"
"Jealousy is a disease, get well bitches!"

and, I even have a tank top that says:

"I dig skinny pale guys"

Now, you must understand that even though we have these tees, we do not wear them out of the house...they're for an inside chuckle only (an age thing really)

But, this drunk girl tee? Really? Is there ever an appropriate time or place to wear a tee that says "everybody loves a drunk girl" ?

It worries me, it worries me a lot.

Like the waistband on these pants,

"change daily!"


I'm wondering, if the person who is wearing these pants needs a reminder to change their clothes on a daily basis...can they even read this helpful suggestion?

I feel like at this point in the world of fashion...there is only one way to adequately reply to such garments:

Oh yes, that might just say it all...


Gadget said...

You got one of Paris Hilton's shirts? Wow, when did she stop by???

Rozzilyn said...

Remember the movie that got fried was
mrs.Doubtfire? I want a tee shirt that says "I'm with Laa Laa"!

rebecca said...

I've got to admit that I've got a few saying T-shirts... my personal favorites are the one with a Santa Claus on it, and the words "Don't Stop Believin" (gotta love Journey!); and the Hungry Hungry Hippo, who is saying "I was never that Hungry Hungry."

They make me laugh. Although, I don't think they've left my closet since I graduated.

Raquel said...

Those t-shirts are the kinda funny that isn't actually funny...
I saw one once that had an arrow pointing down (worn by an overweight and disagreeable looking gentleman) saying, "It's not going to suck itself"!?!
I always wonder what these people's mother's think!

Mary said...

I like tees that say stuff but I'm not so into the insult kind of tees.I have a Rock and Roll Mom tee that I love. And I bought my oldest a tee that says "I do all my own stunts" because he is the clumsiest person I've ever met and always sporting some cut, scrape or bruise. Now, we did buy his best friend a tee at Steve & Barry's that says "I lost my phone number; can I have yours?" because he'd once tried to tell us that was a great pick-up line. (He's 17.)

Wende said...

I'm sorry, but I adore the "drunk girl" t-shirt. :D


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