27 July 2007

Did I Make It?

Is this the weekend?

Oh, yeah, almost...I get to live through this day still. I'm wondering what the day will bring? News? Decisions? Closure?

Yeah...something I'm sure...I hope at least.

I've had a bit of a weird week at Snap-Snap, and I've decided that I am about ready to call it all off and join the circus...I have no special freaky circus skills that I can think of off hand...I am not double jointed (I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue) I can't grow a beard (I don't think...I've never put my mind to it though) clowns are a bit suspect (although I used to own a Volkswagen Bug and hauled most of my friends around town in it) and I am a little wary of heights (I just pictured the trapeze and the the mere thought worked up enough sweat to cause my hands to fly off the keyboard and hit the cat)

But, I do have this lovely frock...well, it's more of a silk mu-mu, but look at the fabric!

And speaking of fabric...

I was quite naughty the other evening...

I had to go to JoAnn's for some, um...paper? You know? For all the ephemera pieces I've been creating? And I had a little teary moment when I walked into the store and saw all the fall things that were already out...cause' I've really been wanting it to be fall year round (boring? Perhaps...I just happen to love the fall) and to cheer myself up, I decided to meander around and look...just look at the fabric...

OK...it was on sale, and I sooo need a skirt made out of this.

The plans this weekend are to rest. And then rest some more. No weird shopping ('cept to CostCo to get my salad for the next week) or running around for no reason at all only a quick pop out for a movie date.

I've been invited on a date...by?

(sexy huh?)

I haven't been on a date with myself for such a long time (I may even go to lunch) and I haven't been to a movie in ages either. I'm thinking Harry Potter...as I've been reading the book all week and the theme song has been running through my head. Luckily I'm not too annoyed with it rattling around in there while I read.

And since I am only about 100 pages away from the ending, my heart has been beating quite fast for a few chapters, and I've already had to put the book down and cry several times...it may be in my best interest to read the ending of the book when I'm not in the public eye. I actually had to put the last book down and cry for quite a while when I read the ending...and wasn't quite sure that I really wanted anything more to do with Mr. Potter.

But, I need closure.
And Hope...
everything really is going to be OK in the end, isn't it?

update: I finished the book last night...I promise I won't give anything away. I shouted "NO!" a couple of times outloud, and had to get up and walk around after bursting into tears...and yes, I did cry (so much so that the cat came over and licked my hand)

Thank You JK Rowling for the amazing gift...and for helping bring magic back into the world
for many people...


velvet brick said...

Delightful fabric! I want fall to be now, too!! This day brings recognition, dear friend. Salutes and recognition of hard work.

My daughter is half-way through HP. Doesn't want it to end, but wants to see how it ends, but doesn't want it to be the end, but has to know what happens in the end..... such a quandry!!

Honor and celebrate her!

Kathy said...

The fabric is so YUMMY! I see why you bought it!


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