11 July 2007

The Breakdown...

The 8' fluorescent light bulb burning out at the Snap Snap...4 days without light in that section

A 2-pack of the wrong 8' light bulbs...A trip to Home Depot & $16.00

The right 8' light bulb...A trip back to Home Depot & $11.00 (for one only)

Installing the right light bulb in under 10 minutes and having it work...Satisfaction of a job well done

Then watching the bulb burn out in the shoe room when you open your shop...What tha?!?!?!
Doing it all with the perfectly matching eyebrows...Priceless.

( For all those who wanted to see Dina's genius)


capello said...

hey, nothing beats perfect eyebrows.

nuttnbunny said...

yeah - even MERCURY can't argue with "the brows of perfection".

Kathy said...

Look how cute you are! Love the brows and the polka dots on your shirt.

Mary said...

Woooty woot! Great brows and the top/dress is terrific!

I think your lighting karma must be out of whack.

Gadget said...

Crazed light bulbs. Clearly you need to grab your camera and watch more sunsets!


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