24 July 2007

Rats Bats...

During the car ride up to the lake the other day...we adults were having a discussion. Zora was calmly sitting in her little seat having a snack as she watched the world glide by out her window. We were all excited and talking about something (probably extremely important) And I exclaimed,


As, I was turned around talking to Kate in the back, I happened to glance in Zora's direction...

I sat watching her puzzle this exclamation out...I mean, you could actually see her take it in roll it around in her mind, going through all the things she's heard people say...and not be able to put it into any context...upon which she promptly asked me,

"Sadie, why did you say Rats?"

although, it came out more like:

"Sadie, why you say wrats?"

And, I explained to her that I was disappointed about something, and that's what I say when that happens (well, to be fair...that's what I politely say when that happens)

She seemed to take this all in stride, nod her head...and replied,

"Rats Bats!"


A Fanciful Twist said...

Oh, I love the things kids say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love them!!!!!Rats Bats!!! Oh, and what else do you say when something is not going right???? heheheeheeee

sulu-design said...

So cute. And I love that you provided us with the original and translated versions!

Jolene George said...

That is too funny! I love these pictures!


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