12 July 2007

Tutte le nuvole nel cielo

Ahhh...no weird lighting incidences to report from yesterday.

It was almost a little boring...almost.

And, I decided to take my dear Gadget's advice and truck out to The Dells to photograph the sunset...

You know, in hopes of changing my lighting mojo.


Mary said...

Beautiful! I really like the silhouette.

Gadget said...

Hey, did you get permission to use that guy's "image"??? Hmmm. Concerning.


Kidding. Nice pics. Nice camera, eh?

rebecca said...

In reference to the title, do you speak Italian? Me too! (if you do, that is). I spent a semester studying in Italy last spring. I miss it terribly.

sulu-design said...

I'm way behind in my blog reading, and I know this post is almost two weeks old now, but oh, it is so breath-taking! Amazing shots, just amazing.


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