20 July 2007

And The Earth Is Warmer...

When You Laugh...

Especially with a girlie group! More on that in a second though.

Saturday started early as I jumped up out of bed and did a quick 6 miles on Peavine. It was a wonderful morning, overcast and cool...which morphed into a wonderful day infused with little rainstorms throughout.

I'm sure I got a lot done, in between running errands (had to pick up the latest Harry Potter don't you know, even though I don't know when exactly I'll read it, as I cried through the last 2 chapters of the previous one...and I'm wondering if I'm not just a bit to angry to care about what happens in the end of this series?)

I also headed up to Goldwater Lake later in the morning with Kate and Zora...but I'll be posting pictures of that later. Gotta' love the suspense don't you?

The outing to the lake wasn't that long, and since it was overcast, I neglected to wear sunscreen thinking that I would be safe...needless to say, I got a little pink. You'd think since I've lived here so long...and I know that I can't handle the sun, that I would've thought of that.

You'd think that right?


And, I know you're on the edge of your seats for the chosen high fashion of the evening, but pinkness made me rethink my outfit for the evening (as I had something else totally picked out) That and Ms. Dina informed me since she was wearing jeans, that I should too, and it was colder by the time we left the house, so jeans it was!

Along with a new velvet long top (that I got during the Phoenix trip) and haven't worn yet..and this really was the perfect night to wear it

(plus, it brings out the lovely pink glow on my skin don't you think?)


The girls, Kate, Megan, Dina and I met at the Raven Cafe for a little beverage, and then came back here to laugh and talk the night away.

I fired up the speakers on the patio, and we got right down to it...all the while enjoying spontaneous rain sprinkles. Can you tell the AZ people by the fact that it's raining and we all say, "cool, no problem...I'll sit out in the evening air being rained on"

Truly lovely...Laughing and solving the worlds problems. All in a nights work really, and I think we were all needing this evening of relaxing and letting loose.

And...I am a bit sorry for the darkness of the last two shots. I'll tell you, what did I do before the blog? Not stand around and take pictures of myself. I love the fact that I try to make all these faces...smiling and broody...and then am surprised at the results I see in the end, considering I think I look wide eyed, angry and confused most of the time... It really leaves me asking, do I look like this in real life?

oh my.

I am also apologizing that while I did have my camera the whole evening, I sometimes forget to whip it out and continue to photograph the rest of the group.

Can I use the excuse that we were having so much fun that I forgot?

I think so.

Thank you girlies...
I'm excited for our next get together...


sulu-design said...

The scenery that surrounds you on your "quick six miles" is insane! I guess a quick six miles are, too...
Girls' night out (or out and in) sounds just perfect.

Catalyst said...

Smile for the camera, lady!!!


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