02 January 2007

On This The...

...official second day of the year. My computer has been having issues letting me get onto the Internet, so...I missed posting yesterday...plus, I was actually running around quite a bit.

I had a wedding-of-sorts to attend in the early afternoon...and spent a lot of my time yesterday with the superhero (and doing something I never thought I would...more on that later)

This is a picture of we girls during our night on the town...

And here is the much anticipated (I'm sure) photo of the super hero and I (I would like to make a disclaimer about my chins...but what would be the point when I could talk about my hair? Sheesh when is the good self-esteem thing going to kick in...and why is it that I always think I look good in the mirror and recoil in shock and horror at later pictures of myself?)

So, the strike of midnight saw me sitting in my living room and watching the fireworks from the local casino...my living room affords me the perfect view of them...they went on for 17 minutes. Which was a long time...I got a little bored about 10 minutes into it...although they were lovely.

Now to take down these pescky Christmas decorations...


thatgirldina said...

Oh puhleeze girl! You ALWAYS look smashing...hair, outfit...and with a bod like yours...absolute hottie, I tell ya!

You've got my curiosity piqued. Since I've always known you to pretty much be up for anything, I'm wondering what it could be that you did which was something you never thought you'd do. (okay, that made absolutely no sense did it?)

Did you get the photo album I emailed you?

amy said...

You look adorable in these photos!! ...and I would kill to have your hair!

Here's to a fabulous, fun, and fruitful 2007 for all of us!!!!!

sulu-design said...

Your hair looks FABULOUS and I'm so happy to see the prince! Happy New Year!


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