17 January 2007

A Fly By Night Post...

...except it's not night, but I have little time before I rush headlong into my day. Meena decided she would relax today in a small patch of sun (I'm sure she's usually busy when I'm not around) such a gorgeous girl.
  • There was a large hole in the floor of the shop yesterday...and no water for most of the day as well...but the problem has been fixed (I hope) and the pipes were repaired, just in time for a potty break, and for me to get a drink of water.

  • I almost finished the scarf for the Superhero...I stopped when I was only 18 rows away...it almost killed me to stop (I still have to block the thing too, because it's super curly) but I was feeling a weird something in my throat...and since everyone I know is either sick or has been sick...I decided not to push it (plus, my finger was getting sore from knitting...I know, weird) and went to bed, right during an episode of Sex In The City (so you know I'm serious) and woke up several times last night to take NutriBiotic (my cure-all...tastes like ewww, but works in an amazing way getting everything out of your system super fast!)

  • OH Knit last night: My mother is obsessed with knitting socks...and has started on yet another pair. Those are her words, not mine, I think her socks are beautiful! She is going to do a different project soon though (she reassured me, and I need to get started on a pair of socks) And Rozzie is up to her usual dancing around self...and playing on the NintendoDS as well.

  • Dina is obsessed with knitting. I'm inviting you (Dina) to come to my mom's any Tuesday for Oh Knit...and bring the boy...because I know he and Rozz would have a great time together...and we never stay up very late anyway!

I'm off...to walk around in 10 degree weather...I hope everyone has a wonderful day...


sulu-design said...

NutirBiotic, huh? Never heard of it, but will be seeking it out. I finally caught a cold (I thought I might sneak through the winter without one). Hope you feel better. Enjoy that chilly walk!

Anonymous said...

I have some great memories of "playing" in that area behind Amy's house when we were young...aren't there a bunch of granite boulder stacks? It was so great to jump from rock area to rock area!


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