26 January 2007


Well, I suppose it's some peoples Friday, it's in all actuality my Thursday, as I also work on Saturdays (if that makes sense) however, thanks to my lovely employee (that would be my mother) I also get to take Mondays off...so, it's a weekend of sorts any way you look at it.

HA! Ms. Fanciful Twist, just did an amazing post about a shop in Tucson yesterday, and invited everyone to post about their favorite places where they live as well. So, Susan, I will indeed post pictures of the shop next week in honor of this...I'm not sure if Snap Snap is my favorite store in town, but it is certainly the one I spend most of my time at. We live in such a small town, there are not too many places I visit with any regularity, unless you count the various thrifts I find myself in weekly.

And the clothes I got in yesterday...what a haul (you should see what I kept myself...and indeed you will soon) I actually ran out of hangars, which I find extremely odd, since I think they breed in the night...so I wasn't able to hang everything up...and since I got such a huge load, it usually unconsciously inspires about a hundred other people to run in with their stuff as well...so the store is certainly stocked to the gills...AND since all the other people ran in with gobs of stuff, they decided they didn't want to take the stuff I didn't buy...which means tons of great stuff for the $1 rack...that is if I ever get enough hangars!

Last evening found me with Dina and Niko, in a devilishly simple plan to cheer the girl up (which kind of backfired, as it included junk food for dinner, and we made ourselves sick) Does it seem weird that her 4 year old sat through dinner saying "The totally chocolate dinner!" I mean, we did not actually have all chocolate...but you can tell what we've been doing lately can't you?

We went back to their pad, and I had a little impromptu fashion show with all the clothies I'd brought home (I needed Dina's opinion on my pile of goodies...to keep/not keep) and knitted and drank tea until all hours of the evening. I alos got a lovely phone call from an old friend (she's not actually old, she's my age, but we've known each other for a long time) and it was nice to reconnect, and plan a little trip in the future. Suz, I totally admire you getting up at 5:15 to journal and have quiet time to yourself...I have been meditating in the mornings for quite some time now, but lately have been finding my meditation position to be: face down in bed...so the act of getting out of bed impresses me to no end.

So...hugs and kisses everyone (especially to the sweet Superhero...today is going to be a better day, and you know I have Peanut Butter Kisses here waiting for you...)

Have an amazing weekend...I'm off to buy another pot of Rubber Cement, as I've blown through the one I just got...for the smelly, I mean, lovely Valentines!
(I know, a whole pot, is that possible?)


capello said...

ahem, not pictures of the hallucinating-inducing valentines?

sulu-design said...

Yea! I can't wait to see the shop! Have a great weekend (starting on Sunday, that is).

KSV said...

I think polka dots and sparkle cupcakes look good with anything. So, I will envy your outfit any time, haha!

Vanessa said...

What a nice place for me to snuggle and sip and read. I am looking forward to your shopping excursions. Peeking back into your post.. :)


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