29 January 2007

A New Band...

...The Toboggan Dogs

Yes, that's the new name of the band Dina and I came up with this weekend (actually, it was last night in the fit of a chocolate and decaf coffee induced haze) This kept us up until ridiculous hours laughing so much, we slid off the couch with tears in our eyes, holding our sides (something we both really needed after the weekend we'd had) and remarked to each other, "boy, am I glad we don't drink alcohol !" We had just put our knitting down for the evening (good thing, as I think this would have caused many dropped stitches) and started to be ultra silly...I think this all started off as a conversation on how exactly to solve all of our problems/relationships/and what the heck is going on in the world anyway? and ended up as an almost put together album with written songs and everything...

The first Album entitled "Pot Holders to the Rescue"
(inspired by the sweet little crochet book Dina just so generously gave me)

Including such hits as:

  • 3 Cheers For Pap Smears (Dina really believes in being healthy, plus, the music video options for this would be priceless)
  • Toboggan Dog
  • Barenaked Ballet
  • (and one I can't mention, because I don't want to offend anyone...not fair is it?)
  • Plus a soulful balad (because everyone needs one of those...a weepy song) that I can't remember the name of because it was sooo late...but I know Dina will!

We think this would be best presented as a retro 1940's style girl trio, with matching little outfits and everything...starting with the sweet cherry necklace and ear ring set she made and gave to me (to the left, all out of glass beads...soooo adorable...such a bad closeup, seriously, it's my camera!) Dina insists that she's not talented, but that it's OK, because there's always one girl in the group that wasn't as good of a singer as the others. So, we will be holding auditions soon, I'll keep you posted about that...and neither of us play instruments, but I think a full orchestra would be perfectly suited for this endeavor. With the thought of opening for someone like Brian Setzer, and perhaps he would loan us his orchestra? We actually had most of the lyrics written out as well (and who says song writing is hard?)

I'm thinking we could really do something like these girls ...Then again, if we could do something like this, we may be a little more popular with the fellas around town...



sulu-design said...

I'm glad to hear that you're laughing yourself silly - sounds like the remedy for the blahs. And these pot holders? Dina's jewelry? Fabulous!

vanessa said...

Love the potholders...And you can never go wrong with cherries, or basically any fruit...Except, maybe Kiwi, not so cute on a necklace...Hairy and picky. Oh Oh Oh, I can join the band!!! I play Piano... Keyboards.....Piano really. Oh, and I live with an Upright Bass player. Perfecto, no?

Anonymous said...

Those hotpads are so cute! Did you make them? I love those days when laughter turns into tearful giggles. Such a stress relief!
:) Suzanne

cinderella said...

I absolutely adore those potholders!! I can sing backup, in case you need a backup vocalist. I play the harmonica, too and the triangle. I love nights with girlfriends like that. It is the best thing ever and makes you feel so good to just let loose and laugh like crazy.

Candice said...

Keep up the good work.


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