04 January 2007

More Random Pictures...

...from New Year's Eve, only because Ms. Dina sent them to me...and I think they are a bit different than mine...

First off...Me and My Pal in front of a John Wayne figural thing in a window downtown...yes, my hand was just in an inappropriate place, but she wasn't fast enough to catch that! Plus, it's a lovely view of my uber-sparkle outfit...and fabulous heels (things I did not actually think I could wear until after the divorce...strange but true)

Another picture of the Superhero and I...since we both think we look like horses asses in the previous one...taken of course, by my silly little camera (Dina's is much nicer as neither of us look assy in the least...and without the tell-tale demon eyes gifted to those of us with baby blues when you have to use your flash)

And walking home...foot wear pictures are always appreciated...as we all have lovely footwear! (and you should see my closet) Plus, I think my calves look rockin! (goodness I love being able to wear heels...and after a couple of drinks, I can't feel my feet in the least...so no pain there!)

And, I apologize for this one...but we kept running into this girl...who on any ones closer inspection should probably have rethought the micro-mini skirt thing. It wasn't pretty and we were inevitably behind her most of the night...sigh

And finally...this tiny dress picture. Why is it so tiny? Who knows, that's the way it transferred over into my folder...but at any rate, the dress is human sized in real life, and absolutely the most adorable thing you've ever seen...gently pleated in the front with a sweet little bow and poofy little sleeves. I haven't been brave enough to venture into the boutique to check out the price...as I'm usually a little taken back by the prices at this particular one...and I keep staring at it saying...I could make that! Which made Ms. Dina immediately jump on the bandwagon declaring "great...then make it for me for my birthday!"

Hmmm.....Makes me want to think about making some new year's resolutions (and if I wasn't so perfect I would have some...ha!) I'm thinking the one that would top this list would be to stop saying "I could make that!"


thatgirldina said...

Thanks for allowing me to be your "celebrity guest photographer"! haha!

Although short, that was such a fun evening out. I feel so blessed to have re-connected with you again Sadie. What took us so long?!?

I'm still drooling over that damn dress. I drove by the shop yesterday and it's not in the window anymore! I'm calling them today, so I'll update you. I'm sure it was probably the only one of it's kind and someone snatched it up already. That would be my luck. I swear I would buy it even if it didn't fit. Okay, maybe not, but I do adore it.

sulu-design said...

Hee, hee. That poor girl in the denim mini needs to see your blog! Otherwise, cute photos!


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