22 January 2007

Stories From the Weekend...

Wonderful weekend snow indeed...after going out on Saturday night and staying up, um a little late (I kept checking my watch, and it seemed early, until the last time I checked it...after I walked through the door) With a group that included Ms. Megan and the Superhero...I fell into bed.

And awoke to a fresh at-least-inch of snow on the ground...and took a sort of morning walk about town. It was amazing, and not melting quickly...as all the roads were covered with packed snow, slippery to both walk, and drive in.

And...after running various errands, I rested a bit until getting up to go to the hockey game last evening with the Superhero...Not only did we win the game (with not much fighting breaking out...darn) we also got a lovely insulated lunch box for the giveaway (I am constantly winning coolers, it's eerie, I think I have about 5 of them...why are they never filled with money?)...it was Country Western night (yes, the Superhero and I were both a bit nonplussed with that aspect...and he flat our refused to ride the bronco bull machine) AND I got to play the game "Lets Make A Deal"

Where I won this silly little pink Serta sheepie. She's #3, and a breast cancer sheep...I don't know if a stuffed sheep says anything to me about breast cancer...but whatever. I could have gotten free hockey tickets, or an envelope with $$ in it, but I chose what was behind the huge video screen. The envelope only had $1 in it...so the sheep is a fun score...Dina gave us the tickets (eat your heart out Dina)

And, believe it or not, I actually have another Serta sheepie, so they're a couple...

...ahhh, young sheep love.

Then back here, where the Superhero and I sat around eating potato chips and designing all sorts of wonderful vacations for ourselves for the rest of the evening (looks like we're both going to be saving up some money) Oh, and I did present him with his scarf on Saturday night...I thought he looked handsome in it, could be the amazing craftsmanship of the knitting, but I think it may just be him.

I thought I'd answer a few questions that were left in the comments:

Yes, the previous posts picture is a chandelier that I have hanging over my patio table...it is wonderful, and uses only candles. I absolutely love to eat out there during the summertime, and the candle light is quite romantic.

Yes, those are little glass balls hanging in my bushes in the background...I find them especially festive all year round.

OK all...I'm off, it's been a day of spending money and depositing money...bills bills bills, food, errands and creative supplies for Valentines cards....I haven't eaten yet today (apparently that's the diet I'm on in case you're wondering how I'm loosing all the weight...coffee until I get so hungry I want to eat my own arm, then something quick...really late in the day!) And I just went to CostCo and got the most ginormous tortillas I've ever seen...I don't know what I was thinking, they are so big, there's no way they will fit on a plate...so if anyone wants to come over for a HUGE burrito...let me know.


Jolene George said...

Your snow looks beautiful! I'm glad you got to go out and enjoy it. We got a teeny bit here...crazy!
Love your little serta sheep. One is missing hher eyelashes...still cute though. :o)

Vanessa said...

HI!!! I love Prescott...My Mr. Lovee and I had our first date in the form of a trip to Prescott because Michael Feldman(NPR Saturday show) was there and we had tickets...Then we stayed at the Hassayampa...we go back once a year.. We are in Tucson, Catalina actually...Is it freezing there? It snowed here. Unbelievable!! So nice to find you through my sisters blog....Hope to see you again!! Vanessa ps: you and I are on the same diet....heehee

Anonymous said...

Guess what? TUCSON got snowed upon last night too! It started about 4 pm, and these HUGE whites flakes came down and STUCK! We had about 1 1/2 inches this morning, and school started 2 hours late. It was BEAUTIFUL! This is only the 2nd time since I lived here. Reminds me of home (Prescott). :) Suzanne

A Fanciful Twist said...

This is crazy! I came back to say I also am eating chocolate with the coffee. A lump of dark chocolate covered honeycomb and coffee. Then, I need no food.. funny...I think it is like double caffeine!! Thanks for visiting me!!

sulu-design said...

Glad you're back. Your weekend sounds like it was wonderful (so I'll accept that as a reasonable excuse for your prolonged blog break). Where, oh where, does one get TWO Serta sheep?

thatgirldina said...

Hey girlie squirrelly! Thanks for popping in tonight and bringing me back from the dead.

I love the weekend re-cap and I'm totally, like, jealous that you got to play Let's Make a Deal! You're famous!

You forgot to take your scrumptious vanilla coffee home with you, so I'm drinking it for breakfast. heeheeeeeee!!!! :) I owe you.


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