24 January 2007

Death By...

...inhalation of Rubber Cement and black Sharpie Pens. I suppose it could be worse, but why beat them when you could join them? No, it's not my new plan to not feel anything (can. not. stop. crying.) by getting extremely high (other than getting extremely high...the combination of no food plus coffee and fumes?) but, the beginning of the Valentine's Day Cards/2007 Edition. For friends and family...none of whom, I hope, are chemically sensitive, because these may have to air out a bit folks...then again, I think they may be done so early, they will be a little less...um, fumier?

I am planning a bit of a mixed media extravaganza, and I am enjoying myself to no end...which is why I did not eat...time passes for me in a different way when I am being creative, and sometimes I just do not think about anything else...mostly because it's the start of the day one moment, then 3:45 the next, and well, that's just silly...there is no eating then! Really, that's not brunch or elevenses or anything of the sort...it's just a quick run to the bank, up the hill, and something light for dinner (followed by the darned coffee and chocolate)
I did also get a box of merino from JoAnne's yesterday as well...I know, not as smelly of a creative project...but I was looking forward to getting started on my own stripey scarf...I did not get to go to Oh Knit last night because my mommie was feeling poorly...

And speaking of Mommie:

Happy Birthday!

To the bestest and most wonderfullest mother ever!
(now get well...so we can eat some cake...)

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sulu-design said...

Oooh - fun supplies! Looking forward to seeing what you produce with them. I hope your mom feels better soon (and you, too!).


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