07 January 2007

Sunday January 7th...


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Well...it's the first Creative Sunday of the New Year! I actually didn't think I was going to have it, as both my mother and Rozzilyn are feeling quite under the weather (in fact, I get to go into the shop on Monday to work) So...it was a little surprise when Amy called first thing this morning...although, not too much of a surprise, as I had already thought of calling her, and we do think along the same lines...

We started off the morning with a nice 4 mile walk at Peavine...ran some errands, and met her mother here for some lunch and painting on jeans. Now, I know what you're thinking...my heavens, who's going to wear those? Well, no one actually...Amy's aunt made a request for the family to decorate and send their old jeans to her so she could decorate a ceiling in her house.

So, we dug out my fabric paints and decorated away. Little cars going to CO., mountains, cactus, music notes, names...and all sorts of little pretties! I still don't know how she's going to put these up, or what it will look like, but I made Amy promise to send a picture when she got one, because I'd certainly like to see it!

And last night after dinner, I decided to get working on the Valentine's Day mantle. They have the most wonderful $1 glitter things in the bins at Target...which match all my little red glitter bird ornaments (which are really for Christmas...but they look all lovey, so what the heck!)

Plus, I made a new little mantle runner from the most adorable Moda fabric that has little vintage looking heart/clowns on it. The figures are so cute...I was thinking of painting and cutting out little stand-up figures to put on the mantle as well...maybe some vintage Valentine's cards too? I'm not sure if I have any laying around (or where the heck they'd be) but I thought that would look cute too...Right now, there's my copper statue of Pan (the one from Pompeii) up there until I can figure out exactly what direction I'm taking this in.

I'll keep y'all posted on making those figures and whatnot...I'm feeling a little sleepy after all the exercise, so I think I'll put my feet up and stare at the walls for a bit...seeing as I have to work an extra day...Plus, I don't want to get this stuff that's going around!


sulu-design said...

Yeah, stay away from those germs - bad things seem to be going around everywhere. I had no idea that you decorated your mantle for every holiday - how festive!

Jolene George said...

How cute are those jeans. I love that you decorate for every holiday.


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