18 January 2007



And just in time, like I said, for the uber-cold snap we've been having...and a giftie for the Superhero...it will certainly keep his neck warm...all merino wool in dark grey and brown stripes (you'll notice that the stripes are at the ends only because there was one skein of grey...and I got a little worried about half way through this project...so I got creative...worried, nervous and creative)

And since he's been sick...and lost his voice (a huge problem, as we are both extreme talkers...although, I have to say, I got to talk his ear off, and tell him all sorts of stuff, with a lot of sign language on his part...gheeze, give me a captive audience and watch out...poor guy, I could tell he was itching to join in...but, I'll talk to a lamp post if you get me started...not that I'm comparing him to a lamp post mind you) but, I think it will come in quite handy for him (the scarf, not the sign language)

I got a huge thumbs up, along with an inquisitive look last night as I was blocking the entire scarf on a yellow towel...my mother told me half way through that the way to get the ends to NOT curl is to slip a stitch off on the beginning of each row, however it was a little late for that...so, I tried my hand at blocking the entire thing. I wanted it to be tight small stitches...and yummy stripes, and I certainly got my wish...So, I will give it to him as soon as I see him next (the incentive that will keep him coming back for sure)

Now, I'm waiting for another bunch of merino in the mail, so I can make myself a striped scarf...although, I think mine will be skinnier and stripier (that's a word) and a bigger stitches, because I don't know if I need to be that patient for my own self.

Until then, I have a hot date with Ms. Dina tonight...dinner and a movie I believe...and I had a sweet kiss from the little Niko boy (on the lips) that made my heart all a flutter last night...I tell you, what is it about 4 year olds? I just love kids...I was the same way when Ms. Rozz used to kiss me (she still does, that's the perk of being every one's aunt...although, she's such a big girl now)...and she's turning the big 1-0 soon...busy making her own party decorations...so creative, I wonder where she gets that from? (No, really...there are a lot of creatives in the family)

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sulu-design said...

He's going to LOVE the scarf - it's so handsome! The stripes, the colors, and the wool are all fabulous. If you haven't already, you're sure to win him over now!


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