25 January 2007

Weird Things...

Well, I'm considering myself officially tagged...as quite a few of the blogs that I read have tagged everyone...So, here goes:

5 Weird Things About Me:

1. I absolutely do not like to wake up to an alarm...I think it's so jarring to be having a lovely dream and bang...all this insane beeping. I tried something different than the beeping and once had a gentle rain forest sound alarm, and slept through the entire thing (all half hour or more) until there was some insane monkey squawking at the end, and I was late. So, I usually (unless I am sooo sleepy) wake up almost every hour if I know I've set the alarm...and certainly wake up 5 minutes before it officially goes off, then I'm more tired when I wake up anyway.

2. I have a slight problem turning left in the car...now this doesn't mean that I turn right 3 times around a block to get where I'm going...but I usually map out a route in my head in town (or wherever I am) so that I do not have to turn left in front of traffic if there is no light. I didn't used to feel quite this way, but one of my ex boyfriends stated one day that "you are a menace to society when you get in a car" and I was a little shocked. I had always thought I was a good driver up until then (as a matter of fact, I don't even remember this guy having a car, so what could he really know?) And ever since then, I feel a little nervous when I'm in the car...especially when I have passengers.

3. I do not like the food on my plate to touch. Nope. No way. I thought it was an Aries thing, as My Pal Amy's mother and brother are both Aries, and we all feel the same way. I take smallish portions and kind of give them all their own space...no sauce or syrup where it shouldn't be...I didn't even eat gravy until I went to college (because the food needed it...believe me) Don't get me wrong, if something is to be eaten with some sort of sauce, I love it...but keep it away from my veggies or salad, or pancakes

4. I don't like horror movies. They scare me. A lot. I can not seem to differentiate between reality and non-reality in these movies. I have an active imagination, and it can scare me when I am alone. I am a little better because I watched the X-files when it was on...but, you will not catch me at a horror movie. I actually remember going to one on Halloween with some friends, and I spent the entire time screaming at myself (in my head) to get up and go to another theater...while I looked at only the seat in front of me.

5. I usually wake up with a song in my head...lyrics running around and around (which makes me need to hear it at some point during the day) This morning it was The Smiths. Which reminds me...I need to find that song...So, I can dance around the living room...

Happy Thursday everyone!

I'm off to an early appointment (yes, I set the alarm last night)...meeting someone at the shop that brings the most glorious clothes in (I meet her down there early so that we are not interrupted...the only person I do that for, mind you) and usually spend the bank...if you're around town, come visit...it's worth it!


capello said...

hey! where's your sixth one?

and i know all about those lyrics in the head. gah.

sulu-design said...

Ah... what random things I'm learning about all of you crafty bloggers! Speaking of waking up early to get to an appointment at your shop, I'd love to see more shots of the store, as well as the clothing that's getting you out of bed early, too!

Vanessa said...

Hi! I am so so so the same abut scary movies. I detest them. I freak myself out completely. My mind is so sick, I just drive myself scared crazy into a freezing fit of psychosis!!! AAhhh!!!!The Smiths.. yes!! Love love love...Why do I say everything in Threes? What a nut-cake..

leeanne said...

how did i miss this!! i need to set aside time everyday to read blogs. those are good ones. i dont like t oturn right when i drive. i only drive once or twice a year though. are you left handed or right handed?


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