03 January 2007

What I Did...

Yup Dina, you're right...I do seem like the kind of person who's always up for anything...if anyone really knew the fear that swirls around in my head on a daily basis...they'd be surprised. Well...let me tell you, I decided a few years ago, not to be stopped from trying new things because of fear...sounds good in theory right?

Well, as you may not know...the Superhero (pictured at right) is a motorcycle guy.
Has always been...and in a land far away a long time ago (college) he came up to visit me.
On his motorcycle.
And wanted to take me for a ride.
Needless to say, that was before I made the above oath, and read him the riot act about motorcycles...probably following with some ridiculous statement like "it would be a cold day in hell before you got me on a motorcycle"
So...the first day of the new year was...well, pretty cold.
On the back of a bike.
Heading down a Northern Arizona highway
at a pretty good clip.

Yes...I finally did it. I was totally freaking out at first, before we made a stop to turn around and head towards home (and my palms are slipping off the keyboard as I write this) but, after I did not actually fall off the back of the bike...I relaxed a bit...only a bit...opened my eyes, resumed breathing, and realized that it was a bit fun.
OK...a lot fun.
Do I look sexy on the back of a bike? Who knows, I was wearing the Superhero's clothes and jacket...will I ever be comfortable back there? I think I would need a bit more practice...And I realize there is a bit of a learning curve while attempting something new (I have this weird perfection complex thing going most of the time) But, I think I could be talked into trying it.

Mostly, I'm just super proud of myself for trying something so totally out of my comfort zone...no matter how sexy I might have looked...


thatgirldina said...

wwow. WOW! You are a much braver gal than I Miss Sadira! But, I know that motorcycle man wouldn't put you in harms way. Good for you for conquering a fear. What a way to start the new year! I think it speaks volumes.

Super M looks great with the bike, but where are the pics of YOU stradling "the rocket"? ;)

capello said...

good for you for stepping out of the box, but *i* will never ride a motorcycle again (when i was seven some genius decided to put me on the back of my evil stepmonster's brothers motorocycle as he drove in the grass around my step-grandma's house which was built into a hill. gah.)

sulu-design said...

GOOD FOR YOU! Sounds like the most sensible thing to do with a charming guy, since you're single and free!


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