06 July 2009

The Fourth In Photos...

Complete With Commentary...

The start of the kiddie parade
Look at those pinchable (spellcheck is telling me "pinchable" is not a word...but, punchable is. This puts a whole different spin on the kiddie parade however) cheeks...they're so little, I wonder if they even know what's going on?

A Fantastic Cowgirl!
Doesn't she look like she's having a great time?
I am also wondering if that woman in the background is knitting...this makes me feel a bit guilty as I only had my hands full with a camera.

Cattle Roundup.
Using saw horses...actually, dragging them down the street. I wonder at what point someone wished they had installed wheels or in line skates on these babies (what? Cows totally in line skate for your information...)
I love that the boy in the background has entirely given up dragging and just picked his up...probably because the rhythm was drag. drag. fall over. pick up. repeat.

Boy in a wagon.
I have nothing to say about this except that I thought it might make a nice shot...especially if The Square wasn't so crowded. Alas, parades, children, and holidays make people flock here...That's half the fun...the jostle factor.

May The Force Be With You...
In the form of the Star Wars Pooper Scoopers. The pooper scoopers were entertainment themed this year and totally made me crack up! There are a lot of pooper scoopers for The Big Fourth Parade, mostly because there are a lot of horses...
stay tuned for more on that...

Smokey The Bear and Bernie The Sundog (right hand corner)
It was nice to see all the "mascots" out and about on Parade Day...I was wondering though, if they would get in a fight and we'd see fur fly?
They did not and we did not.
(this is what being packed in a large crowd of people who were holding those weird plastic clapper things will do to you...make you think about violence. I am wondering if people are just too lazy to clap using their own hands now?)

The Mountain Men...
This is a loud fun group, but every time I see them, I wonder how they manage in all that leather and fur in the intense Arizona heat?
Maybe this is explainswhy they're always yelling and whooping it up?

The Rodeo Queen...
Love those saddles with all the silver on them...just beautiful.
I included the uncropped photo because of what's out there on the street...oopsie. This is why there's a need for all the pooper scoopers...
Parade Day is a bit messy and quite fragrant when all is said and done.

I included this picture just because it looked as if this cowgirl was posing just for me.
How nice!
(It is at this point that we must face the fact that the heat makes me loopy)

What The???
I was absolutely stymied at this one. I don't recall taking this picture at all, and who are these guys?!
Then I realized that that is John McCain. Yep. Right there. Yeah-huh...he's the one in the baseball cap, chambray shirt, khakis
(not too fashion risky.)


This is the back of John McCain.
He was participating in the parade and didn't even look over our direction.
People got a bit flocky when he walked by, and it was hard to get a shot in...
(this is my excuse and I'm sticking to it)

Other Observations About the Holiday Weekend:

*The front of my shins hurt. Then again, I suppose when it comes to shins, they only have a front. That being said, I have no idea why this is (why they hurt, not the other part, although that makes one think)
*I badly need a tripod. I did not get one picture of the fireworks this year, and it was the best show I've ever seen them put on. We watched them from Willow Lake. In a swarm of mosquitoes (I used spray and only got bit 4 times!! Cause' we all know what happens when I get bit...)
*I realized on Sunday night in bed that I totally got eaten alive by mosquitoes (20+ bites thankyouverymuch...) but only on the outside of my right thigh. I have no idea when or where this happened? I am thinking at the bar-b-q/party/reunion on Sunday? But then, why didn't they go for my exposed skin?
I am totally confused.
*I had an absolutely fantastic time at the above mentioned bar-b-q/party/reunion on Sunday. I did not even unpack the camera making me wish I had my own professional photographer to follow me around and document these things. I did get a couple of pictures on the cell of very large fish that were caught at the pond
(perhaps the pond is where the mosquitoes were all hiding? Well that, and under my shorts...on one side. Apparently.)


a fanciful twist said...

I think I want to live in Prescott!!! Did you ever see a strange girl walking around Prescott 8 years ago, in platforms and a giant handbag??? Up and down and all around for 3 days. That was me. Of course I have been there since then ;)

But, my first time there, I explered the entire place. I even got lost on a strange street :)))) xoxo

ps: I think Prescott must have been beyond charming for the 4th, as I can see from your photos. It is such a gorgeous little place.

Coastal Sisters said...

LOVED the Star Wars Pooper Scoopers!

Anonymous said...

Now that looked like an awesome parade!! Love the kids... too cute!

When I lived in the burbs here, our neighborhood would have a kiddie bike parade. I just loved that!

Kristal said...

Star Wars: The Poop Wars continue... in a galaxy known as Arizona. LOL!!! You took some great shots. Love the Rodeo Queen (minus the horse patties).


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