01 August 2008

Girls Weekend Out...

Bags Packed - check
Car Washed - check
New Coconut Air Freshener opened and installed in car - check
Money Saved For Frivolous Shopping and Food - check
Plan of Action Discussed for our weekend (and discussed again) - check

Now, all I'm waiting for is today to be over, and tomorrow to come rushing in...and then Dina and I are officially off and running...and both of us need this vacation getaway, in the worst of ways.

Last night after a lovely bar-b-q hosted by Rich at the Airstream, where I spent most of the night swatting mosquitoes away...I awoke to bites. Tons of bites...I was wearing a dress and had thought far enough ahead to bring a light jacket, which I put on early in the evening...I had no idea I was being bit on the legs quite that bad...and understand me when I say that I got bit bad that I just counted 32 bites on my right leg alone.


Luckily they don't
all itch, but you can imagine with my lovely pale Irish skin how I look. Like I have a horrible disease, that's what. Even my mother gasped when she saw me this morning. So, I am a little bummed about going on the trip and having to walk around with these legs (I am seriously considering putting on fake tan so I don't look so bad. That way people can concentrate on the weird orange color rather than the horror that I may have some weird disease) and I am crossing my fingers that none of the mosquitoes had West Nile Virus. From now on, it's going to be Off city for me when I go to the Airstream...apparently I am just too yummy of a temptation...and you would have thought I'd learned my lesson last after last years bites...or because of the fact that this has happened to me often in my life here on the planet.


It's making me sick to my stomach to talk about it anymore.

I am going to try to think about how much fun we're going to have instead. We are planning on paying a visit to Sprinkles...and after looking at the menu, which changes daily, I decided that we may have to visit both days...and Dina suggested buying a snack pack for the boys...um, the ride home. We'll also be visiting several of the places we did last year, as we are creatures of habit, and we enjoy doing things over and over.

We'll also be meeting up with these delightful two women...and I can hardly wait! I am taking the Cannon Elph because it's so much more compact, and the battery is charged and waiting...I will come back with pictures...

Just none containing my legs...


velvet brick said...

Drive safe you two girls! I so hope my tummy cooperates for a meet-up! Don't worry about people lookin' at ya with your bug bites...we see all kinds of things down here!! You'll fit in with all the rest of us! Love you!

She sure is strange! said...

Yay!!!! Have a blast on your trip!! Can't wait to see the pix and read the stories!

I totally understand about the bites, I'm sweet like that too. Mosquitos will ignore everyone else in the yard to concentrate on me. It is so not fair.

sulu-design said...

Oh, a girls' weekend! Fun!
I totally feel your pain regarding those bites. I'm a freaking magnet for biting insects I tell you, and haven't had a moment this summer where some patch of me wasn't covered in those nasty bumps. May they disappear with each sip of the fun drinks that you'll hopefully consume with the ladies this weekend.

flutter said...

I am so sorry I missed you, today was awful. I hope you had fun!

Tonya said...

I hope you have a wonderful time! Tell Dina hello for me. I pop in to see you soon.


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