26 August 2008


I am an avid reader.


in my opinion is better than rabid. Ha. I just finished the Twilight series of books on Sunday night at 11 pm...I know, a little late for me to be staying up and I haul my behind out of bed to go to the gym quite early, thanks mom...and Rich had called me 2 hours earlier to say Good-Night already, but I only had a leeetle bit more to go and I read fast.

In fact, I read this entire series just shy of 2 weeks...all four books. The most bestest part was that there are only 4 books to this particular part of the series, and they were all written by the time I finally started reading them...and I was able to borrow them all from friends (cheaper then buying them and faster than waiting for them to become available at the library) Total instant gratification...Me lovey teenage angst vampire/werewolf/undead stories...

Now all I have to do is wait for the movie coming out this December.

I would suggest that you not read the last book right before bed, because it might make you cry (unless you're not a crier...I am...you should see Rich and I watch Meet Joe Black together...it's a hold-me-sob-fest for both of us...we both wear our hearts on our sleeves and are proud of it...or it's totally beyond our control, one of the two...) It also might make your heart beat so fast that you can't fall asleep no matter how tired you are, until you employ some deep breathing and relaxation exercises.

Go team yoga/meditation.

I really enjoyed the series, and the only complaint I have it that there was lots of sexual tension (as there usually is with teenagers...well, that and the fact that I haven't met a vampire yet so that I can become all perpetually young, strong, beautiful and immortal, but whatever...) and when it really came down to it...All we got was moonlight and bruises.

Then again, maybe that's all we ever get.


TomboCheck said...

Jesus, you and DaNece both!
She picked up this series last week and read three of the books in three days... now she just has to go buy the 4th one.

Must be good stuff. :)

Lois Grebowski said...


There is nothing better than a good book!

Kristin said...

ohh I have to read those books, I love love love vampire books..but I watched a vampire movie not that long ago(although the movie has been out for years), its called "Interview with a Vampire"..I really liked it because I partially live in new orleans, and it was based in new orleans..and I also liked it because antonio banderas, and brad pitt were in it.. ;p so I would recommend this movie..its pretty good..

Mary said...

So glad you enjoyed them! And that you had to spend so little to read them, too. I'm currently re-reading them and anticipating the now November movie release.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I started the first book last night and (like and idiot) I stayed up until almost 2:00am reading.

mommiemarzie said...

Book four... did you like it? The whole Jacob section I could do without. And it was a bit long. But it all ended nicely. My favorite is still book one. It had me at hello. :) I really hope the movie doesn't disappoint. I'm getting so excited so I hope my expectations aren't too high.


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