13 August 2008

Fashion Tips from The Stoned Girl...


I bet you almost gave up on me today didn't you?


I'm still here...just another day fielding the stoned girl that comes in to sell clothes, tell me what's in style and what I should be buying for the store. All in question form. She throws a pile of things on the counter at the shop...


"These are Doc Martens?"

"I only wore them once?"


"They're brand new?

ah yes. I see now. It's all clear...

I've been doing this resale thing for so long, plus? I was alive and buying my own shoes during the first big flood of Dr. Martens to come into this country...you know...Back when you had to get them at specialty stores and couldn't buy them at Dillard's or Ross? I can spot a pair of Dr. Martens from across the room (same with Coach bags...the older leather ones. I know, it's a gift...)

She's discouraged because I won't buy them.

They are new.

They are Doc Marten's.

They are out of style.

"Even with the winter coming up?"

Yes. Even with the winter coming up. I've noticed the trend being most people do not buy this style but stick to the boots or shoes.


"That was like, 3 years ago?"

"No one's wearing boots now?"

"Everyone's wearing these in high school now?"

Well. That wouldn't explain why I haven't. been able. to sell. the style. that she's set down on my counter in the shop for quite some time now. Plus...we get snow in our part of Arizona, I distinctly remember seeing people wear appropriate footwear during those times...which happens more often than not, to include boots. I suppose I could go stalk the high school and wait until it gets out in the afternoon to scope out the footwear...but, honestly? There's not a lot of anyone buying Doc Martens in any style as much as they once did. Perhaps it's the phenomenon that put them in major department stores in the first place. Once they were more accessible to everyone, the originality wore off. Supply and demand...

We once referred to this as the Jocks in Docs fad.

Everyone had them and our interest waned.

Or, it could be the simple truth that Docs sometimes do not make the most comfortable shoes...they usually have no arch support. And those of us who remember how cool they once were are old enough to now base most of our shoe purchases on the comfort and support of the shoe rather than just the style...well mostly anyway. Besides, most of the newer Docs I've seen look as if they're trying to make shoes with a more comfortable foot-bed in them (Docs only make the soles of the shoes anyway and farm the rest of the shoe out to someone else...) Which should be a relief to Rich since he bought a pair for work and is usually hobbling around in them when he gets done with his day...although I think he looks very handsome in them (it may be a generational thing) I realize that not all Doc Martens are out of style, but these particular pair that are now staring back at me are a very outdated style indeed.

Stoned Girl flounced out of here...leaving the entire stack of stuff she brought in on the counter as she waved her hand dismissively...


"You can have them?"

I watched as
she got into her car to drive away. She drives a nicer car than me or any of the people I know. Sigh. She once told me she, "...moved here from California?" (which could explain why a lot of Californians have a bad rap here...or why she obviously has the last word on fashion...or why she was wearing a pair of jeans and a white tee-shirt)

It leaves me wondering in her question induced haze if she just got in the car one day and woke up here?

With a pair of outdated shoes and the munchies...

(that's me in that picture up there by the way...OK, just kidding...but that's courtesy of Dr Marten...and look at these! Lordie...I wish she would have brought those in!)


Anonymous said...

Ummm... there's a doc that makes shoes other than Dr. Scholls?

I'm so freaking fashion-backward....

Anonymous said...

You are becoming a shoe pusher. I think it's illegal in this state and maybe yours, too. LOL!

Sounds like quite the adventure you had. I can't believe she just left everything with you. Kinda nutty.

Suzanne said...

I can totally see you in those pink Mary Janes! Your stories are so funny! I think, like me, that Aries blood in us, we LOVE to tell stories with sooo much emphasis and detail...you crack me up because we are alike in that way. :)

sulu-design said...

I'd love to be a fly on the wall of your shop just for a day...


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