05 August 2008

The Shoe Report...

For some reason, I had been looking forward to shoe shopping (we've all seen my closet, so this is no surprise is it?) when we were down in The Valley this weekend. Specifically shopping for heels. I didn't actually buy any of the kind of heels that I thought I would...

I'm thinking that I was having a bit of a heel quest in my head after watching the Sex in the City movie. And, while I admit that I love heels (and found much to my surprise when I dropped weight after the divorce, that not only could I wear heels, but suddenly I didn't walk like a man in drag would, like I had always thought I did...well, heels have a special place in my heart) unfortunately, heels aren't that practical for my lifestyle...seeing as I'm on my feet quite a bit during the day, shoes that are a bit comfortable are a must, and I don't go out enough to warrant lot of fancy heels.

So it was with extreme delight that I found a sweet pair of Keds with a modern cow print on them...and they're Mary Jane style...at the Macy's shoe sale (for well under $20) and as I eagerly put them on yesterday before work, I felt a little like it was my first day of school, instead of all the kids that went back to school yesterday...well, I suppose they felt like it was there first day of school as well, since it actually was the first day of school for them...but new shoes? Well...you know what I mean.

I found not one but, two pairs of Campers at Last Chance. I about fell over on that one...I love Camper shoes, and wasn't even aware that Nordstrom had started selling Campers, and I was very excited when I ran across these beauties.

They are both leather with embroidery and have just the slightest hintof a heel...and to make things even better? The pink ones are Camper Twins (which means they have a design that goes from one shoe to the other) and they have a sweet ankle strap as well! I am very excited about the styles and colors because I think they'll actually match a lot of the clothes I already have...so, there's that.

Plus? I spent under $30 each on these beauties...which, is quite the deal if you follow the extreme pricing on Camper shoes at all (not that I do, but every once in a while I'll go drool over at Zappos)

the shoe shopping was good, as you can see, even if it didn't include all the heels I was envisioning...three new pairs isn't all that bad...although it makes me want to go clean out the ones I have and pass on pairs that I'm not currently wearing...not that I'm sitting here wearing all my shoes at one time...you know what I mean...


mommiemarzie said...

Lovely shoes! Do you find excuses during the day to change shoes? :)

She sure is strange! said...

LURVE those shoes!!! I never, ever, ever find good deals like that. Well maybe once when I found my orange Keen sandals for $30 but that was the only time. The pink ones are adorable and the cow fabric? OMG too cute!!!


ps, I tagged you for an embarassing songs meme, see my blog for details if you want to play along(or not).

Lois Grebowski said...

I can barely walk in flats, let alone heels! LOL!

Mytutorlist.com said...


I love shoes. I'm glad you found such adorable ones at such great deals.

Great shopping trip!

sulu-design said...

That second pair of Campers is calling my name - did you know that you bought shoes that could talk? Makes the sale price all the more of a steal.

Suzanne said...

What size do you wear? Maybe I could slip them on and borrow them when I come to visit next because they are sooo darn cute? Ah...I already know, my feet are too big!

They are super, duper cute Sadira!


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