24 August 2008

The World Wide Photo Walk...2008


Saturday dawned clear, warm and early...Rich was up out of the Airstream right about the time I was hopping into a bubble-bath to get ready for the day. He was clearly excited. then again, so was I...so many things to do, and new people to meet.

I talked him into swinging by Foolsewoode (since he had about an hour and a half to kill, he's an early to events kind of guy...so he could play with the cat, and pick me up) We ran downtown with plenty of time to spare, which isn't as exciting as it seems since I can almost see the entire downtown from where I live, to park in the parking garage before someone decided it would be a good idea to charge for parking, and then went on to Sharlot Hall in case there were any early arrivals of photographers.

While we were walking around the down town we spied several people with cameras and gear...making us very excited for 8:30 to roll around.

We had quite a large group, with no official head count, but we both decided that it was around 40 people in all. It was wonderful to both meet new people and see old friends...

I was too busy being a social hostess to get many good shots and the ones I did, were very blown out from all the beautiful Arizona sun, and I am not impressed with my effort...I was actually wondering if it would have been better to use my Canon Elph instead? It seems like when everything is said and done, I am still struggling with the SLR (I was also wondering if it is because I live here that I wasn't too gung-ho about photographing anything...which is just plain crazy really)

This led to a discussion after Rich dropped me off at the house later that evening that went something like this:

"Since you've gotten the SLR...how much time have we spent really teaching you how to use it?"

"Well...none actually..."

"Then we both need to do this together."

So, that is a very solid answer and an exciting idea for sure. I have a book that Rich lent me, but I don't learn well from just books alone...I need practical doing. I am a Kinesthetic Learner...I need to have a bit of hands on, but I enjoy Auditory to an extent as well...but reading? Doesn't quite do it for me...

So, what really does it for me you ask? Well...follow this link to Flickr to see all of the photos that were taken and submitted. I am lucky enough to be helping Rich sort through all the submissions to award a winner for our group...that person will win a prize...Scott Kelby will also be picking a grand prize winner from all the submissions! I am super excited to see all the results. We had a talented group with us...all ages (including Niko...our youngest photographer...who, at one point snapped a photo and announced rather loudly to Dina, "Mama! I just took a picture of your bootie!!" Which made a lot of people giggle and we all tried to talk her into posting the shot on Flickr...)

It was an honor to participate in a World Wide event that welcomed 8,000 participants, and there were a lot of the people that joined our group that expressed interest to get together again soon...so, how fun would that be?

Until then, I am so happy to have met so many wonderful people...and if you would like to see what the other people all over the world viewed on Saturday...it's all right here.


Lois Grebowski said...

I knew y'all would have fun! It's awesome!

Here's to a happy monday and wonderful week!


Gadget said...

We need to get cracking with that camera! :)


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