22 August 2008


As I was sneaking out of the library this morning, after going to pick up magazines for some collage boards I need to complete (I totally paid for them, I wasn't really sneaking as I was sauntering) my mother (who volunteers there) looked at me and said with a twinkle in her eye, "Have fun!!"

And I found myself immediately getting excited and replied, "why? What am I doing?!"

"...um. Going to work?"


Well, there is that.

There is also:

  • The World Wide photo walk starting tomorrow morning at 8:30 (and earlier if you happen to be dating the walk leader) I'm going over to the Airstream tonight to cook dinner for said walk leader (because he now trusts that the things I cook will not kill him, nor do I have any vendetta against him and am I trying to kill him through my creative use of food...but with all the food allergies both of us share, you can never be too sure...I suppose. Rich thinks it's nice of me, but really, I love to nurture through cooking...and besides, I heard somewhere once that a way to a man's heart is through is stomach, and I'm a damn good cook to boot) approve the photo walk map handouts for tomorrow (even though we sort of did that the other night, by walking the proposed route) and to help Rich pick out an outfit (what? I just want to spend as much time over there as I can...and I'm fully confident that he can pick out his own clothes. Well, mostly.)
  • Some sort of music festival on The Courthouse Square...of which I already have a date to (blush...seeing as Rich asked me early...sigh...) Only, the only thing I could find happening in town tomorrow is some Jazz festival, but you have to have tickets to that. Hmmmm...maybe Rich is setting a piano up on the square to play for me... In a three piece suit...it will be the first time I've ever heard him play the piano you know and the first time I've ever seen him in a suit. I'll bet he looks mighty handsome! And at the end of my private concert, even though there will be many passerby's who will stop to stare dreamily at the two of us, he will present me with a red rose. Really, how romantic of him. Wait. I really don't know if he's doing that at all (and I don't think that's really his style...I think that's more my style. Only I don't know how to play the piano, and I don't look that great in a 3 piece suit.) I suppose we could go to The Square and just hum along to the ringtones on our phones if all else fails.
  • And eye exam and and order placed for shiny new glasses that aren't falling apart and scratched up...you'd think Versace's rhinestones wouldn't turn green and then fall out, or that the finish on the arms would chip off, would you? Because they're a lot more expensive than any other glasses frames I have and all those one's are still wearable...I wonder if my prescription has changed? I'll let you know...
  • Someone has got to clean the house. I think that someone is me. It is a dusty cluttered mess all topped up with a nice helping of cat hair. Last night in my yoga class, we had a bit of a guided shavasana, and our instructor had us imagine that we were in our favorite room of the house, and I chose my living room (although I love my bedroom as well) and we were to sit in a chair and relax surrounded by our favorite things...even a fireplace (which would not fit anywhere in my bedroom anyway...) and then we were to just calmly breathe and look around at what was around us. I was so relaxed and peaceful until I noticed that the couch needs to be vacuumed along with the floors, the ficus needs to be tied up so it doesn't fall over and kill the cat while she's trying to sleep in the window, the mantle needs to be changed as it's still decorated for The 4th of July, I need to move the vintage table my GG gave me because it's still in the middle of the floor in the entryway, and I have 2 packages that need to be packed and sent...and on and on. I could not go any deeper than being suddenly stressed out totally lamenting the fact that I didn't choose the bedroom or the bathroom (or any other room for that matter...and wouldn't it be just great to have a fireplace in the bathroom??) and I sighed heavily as I heard the people all around me snuffle like they were under deep. So...I need to really buckle down Sunday and get to it, it's getting bad if it's ruining my Corpse Pose...and besides, I'm getting sick of sticking to the floor every time I try to walk through the kitchen...I'm sure the cat is too.

Have an amazing weekend...and I'll see you here Monday...


She sure is strange! said...

My mantle is still July 4th-ish too. Sigh. And I stick to the floor in certain areas of the kitchen and/or dining area. And, I'm tired to pieces of sitting on the floor to blog. I think I need yoga but our health club is still not reopened from their devastating flood damage back in late February. Double Sigh.

Hip hip hoooray for Having Fun though!!! Sounds like you are on the upswing to the weekend! I know I am!


Anonymous said...

Oh I so understand the Sunday tasks... I just sent ya an email about that.

Have a great time!

Suzanne said...

Isn't that so true about the sticky kitchen floor, even the day after you mop? It makes you question, "Did my other personality stir up some egg yolks and drip it on the floor? I could have sworn I was so careful cooking, and washing dishes, so as to keep any and everything at least on the countertops, and what use are those dogs for anyway, if not licking up odds and ends?" Ah...maybe it is truly our pets, and their sticky flypaper-like saliva that is leaving that sticky residue ON the floor, rather than cleaning up a little crumb or two?

A Fanciful Twist said...

With clouds like that!! Who can think of anything else???? I want to live in Prescott. In one of those lovely Vistorian houses... yes yes, I must aim for that!! xoxo


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