07 July 2009

It Must Be The Moon...

The other night while out slogging hiking through Willow Lake underbrush, mosquitoes...and doing a bit of rock scrambling (which just may be where my sore shins originated) I noticed that when I looked up in the sky to the East, there seemed to be an almost full moon hanging up there...

::blink blink::

Do you think it's natural for one to fall to the ground, curl up in a fetal position and start rocking back and forth when seeing the moon? All while thinking, "Oh no! Now What?!?!"

I mean, I've heard of people changing into werewolves...but this reaction?

I know that the moon affects the tides and a lot of other natural rhythms of this fair Earth (and the moon is in fact 100% full today) but the sheer fact that I winced (and tried to run) when I saw how close to full the moon was going to be...and felt a shiver run up and down my spine made me wonder what exactly is up?

Apparently this particular moon is a Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn...my sister is a Capricorn and we've been known to butt heads (Ram and Goat? Yeah...) But upon further reading of that link there, I have some positives coming through the career sector...and partnership matters kind of secondary. Well, this explains conversations lately.

I can now say...after looking all of that up, that I feel a little better, and I'm breathing a sigh of relief.

Now I can
just enjoy this Full Moon Eclipse as the beauty it brings...and the light it shines down in the middle of the night, so I can see my footing while out walking. Of course, this also means it's shining in my window at night making it very hard for me to sleep lately...Ah yes, this could also be another reason that I panicked when I noticed the moon the other night...little things are taking great hold on me right now...Probably because of the lack of good deep sleep.

Oh wait...apparently eclipses always arrive in pairs...and we will, in fact, be having 3 eclipses 2 weeks apart...is it too soon for the next fetal position?


velvet brick said...

OH yes! It is a full moon...the full Buck Moon, as a matter of fact! I took a short drive last night and tried to capture its beauty with my new camera and my telephoto lens.... alas...the moon was either blurry or eliptical in my shots...aack! I'm not sure anyone, no matter how good a photographer they are, can truly capture with a camera the moon's etheral beauty... it simpl must be enjoyed with the naked eye.

flutter said...

it's a gorgeous moon, is what it is

sulu-design said...

All of us at the shop where I work assume fetal position during the full moon. It brings out the STRANGEST customers. Always, without fail. Take cover!

•¦Amy¦• said...

i love eclipses.
and comets! i was lucky to see one as a small child :D so amazing.

Kristal said...

Eclipses? Humm, having finished uber-scary book involving eclipses, I don't want any anytime soon (until I find silver bullets and loads of garlic).


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