21 July 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name...

...Would Smell As Sweet.
-Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet)

And something just for you...for anyone who hasn't gotten flowers in a long time...or like me, who hasn't bought herself flowers because sometimes I think it's a waste of money (horrible I know, but I can readily talk myself out of flowers and into something else quite quickly...and flowers seem more meaningful when I receive them from someone...I'm sure there's something horribly psychological about that...that may need to result in me buying buying myself lots of bouquets because "I'm worth it"...)

Because of this, I am a big believer in stopping to smell the roses, as it was...and stopping to gaze at all the flower beauty in town whenever I'm out and about. During the spring and summer, we seem to have more than our fair share of colorful petals...I have also heard that flower breeders are breeding out the smell of roses because people don't like it. This confuses me to no end, but luckily we happen to have tons of heirloom roses in our little vintage town, and they have escaped the clutches of the rose breeders for now and currently retain their heavenly smell. I don't quite understand the idea of breeding a smell out of a flower...and I think Shakespeare would have to rethink parts of Romeo and Juliet...maybe something like, "A rose by any other name, wouldn't smell at all anymore, but it still looks quite good! Just like you. So, pretty much could you not kill yourself? Thanks."

Which would probably change the outcome of the entire play.

What a strange world.

To me, the smell one of the best things about a rose...which also may add to the reasons why I don't buy roses.

Of course it could be because I'm more of a daisy or sunflower gal, going for the extreme color and whimsy instead.


TomboCheck said...

Where's the high-quality pic?!
And why the hell would they breed the smell out?!?! That's one of the main reasons to buy flowers at all. Sometimes I hate people.

Kristal said...

Hey there Friend!! Sorry I've been MIA, it's been a trying time to say the least. To give a quick scenario, I'm still trying to finish the same book I started reading 7 days ago!! Ever feel like your stuck in the mud? I'll stop venting now, I'll pretend I am smelling one of those heirloom roses that STILL smells like a rose, even though it stabs me to death!
Missed chating with you, hopefully I'll get back on track soon. I'm trying to get the Etsy shop opened, and just had alot on my plate!

wende said...

I like my roses to smell too! But I'm a sucker for any flower. I live for the summer when the local dahlia growers put up stands. No smell, but so lovely.


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