14 July 2009

Sprinkle Pranks...

Things change.

I get that. I do.

I may be human in my resistance to chance, which has been cited as the only constant. I may pump my fist in the air with the unfairness of it all...that change. And sometimes it's only in looking back do I see the reason that I did not see in the midst...while I was in it, resisting...dragging my feet, and unwilling to move forward, even though I had to move forward, being drug, and pushed kicking and screaming. And then sometimes I say softly to myself, in the very tiniest of ways, Oh...only because I don't have the larger picture, and it's only when things snap into place do I have complete understanding.

And then, sometimes not even then.

Because some changes are just plain confusing...and I don't think I'll ever understand them.

A couple of weekends ago, I was invited to attend a bar-b-q, and was instructed to bring a dish to share...Since there was going to be potato salad, I decided I would bring Rice Krispy Treats instead. The shindig was close to The Fourth of July, and I also decided it would be festive if I sprinkled some red and blue sugar sprinkles on top of the treats...you know, just in case there wasn't enough sugar from all the marshmallows?

Well, I had a feeling that I had used up the last of the red sprinkles when Rozz and I made Christmas Cookies this year (and the bottles were about vintage to begin with...case dang it takes a long time to use up sprinkles) and when I was at the store, I went down the cake decorating aisle and bought both the red and the blue, because I thought I would outsmart the cooking gods, just in case there wasn't enough blue to go around (well that and I was too lazy to check the sprinkle status before I left the house...) and I needed to make three batches of these.

(I said this rather triumphantly in my head after carelessly tossing the bottles into the basket)

After arriving back
home and whipping up the first batch of Krispy Rice Goodness, I opened up the red sprinkles and generously threw them all about in utter sprinkle abandonment...and then I smelled something. I stopped and put the sniffer to work, and realized that it was a rather cinnamony scent and it was coming from the jar of sprinkles. Well.

This could not be?

Sure enough...right there on the bottle was the word "Cinnamon flavored sugar sprinkles!!" As if this was now the most wonderful of all things in the whole world.

But it was not.

I had a slew of expletives run through my head...because when I picked up the blue bottle of sprinkles it was to my dismay that these were "blueberry flavored!!"

There really is nothing more horrible than feeling totally thwarted in the middle of a project...whether it's being a tablespoon short of butter while making cookies or having to re -thread a bobbin for the last 12 inches of sewing...As I was standing there with my mouth hanging open, a bottle of sprinkles in each hand...and a horrible weird smell that the two made when they were combined lingering in and around my nose...I found myself desperately glancing around desperate for someone to blame.

I suppose in the end though...as I climbed up on my kitchen stool tush up in the air, so that I could dive into the back of the spice cupboard for the non-flavored blue sprinkles I knew had to be in there...I could only blame myself. Even though the thought of "whyinheavensname would someone decide to make flavored sprinkles?! And then stock only those?!" (This was my only choice of sprinkles that day at the store...and I honestly don't know what they are thinking? Those are both pretty strong flavors for something that is supposed to be decorative...) And I know that they actually have pictures of what the flavors are, but I didn't stop to even look because I was so excited to even be remembering to grab the silly things.

So yes, in the end, I only have myself to blame.

I am thinking of starting a letter writing campaign against flavored sprinkles...something along the lines of: at the very least a store must carry both non-flavored and flavored sprinkles.

I do thank my lucky stars that I was making the Treats though, because while cinnamon flavored sprinkles on puffed rice and marshmallows is one thing...cinnamon flavored sprinkles on lemon cupcakes is entirely something else.


Anonymous said...

oh, man....that's not fun. I hate it when that happens.

Pox on flavored sprinkles! BAH!

TomboCheck said...

Death to flavored sprinkles! May the flavorless variety be returned to their former glory!

tammy said...

The very idea of cinnamon blueberry rice krispy treats makes me sad.

Ric said...

We're still trying to figure out why Arizona stores are boycotting banana cake. My mother-in-law sends them to us in care packages or we smuggle them from Michigan in our luggage.

wende said...

Oh man, I'm totally outnumbered here but I think that's deliciously cool. :D

Granny J said...

Bother!!! Sprinkles are supposed to be neutral, tho I suppose that the cinnamon would be ok on Rice Krispy treats. Nonetheless, that's the sort of hope & change we can do without.


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