13 July 2009

Getting The Groove Back...

::Enjoying the Weekend::

Giving the weekend a jump start and finding ourselves at The Raven Cafe for a fantastic DJ, who spun real vinyl believe it or not...Nice little house beats to boot. I love to dance, and we were surprised to find that the cafe was not crowded at all (even though the beats were rocking) so it was easy to find lots of elbow room on the dance floor...in case that's what one needs.

Running up to Flagstaff for the day just to wander around and get out of the heat...which was most certainly accomplished in between monsoonal downpours...and singing joyfully out loud on the way home to good hits from the past.

Watching a herd of lizards (OK...two) literally run over my feet (with their scrabbly little lizard toes diging in to the top of my feet) in grand excitement to get into my house and causing me to jump straight up and turn left and scream...which brought the cat running. I have no idea where they've gotten themselves to at the moment...but, I'm really having a hard time walking through the house without feeling creeped out. It's not that I don't like lizards, I just don't like them running free in the house.

Which means I'm totally loopy from lack of sleep.
(it's the dreams of lizards running across my face while I sleep that's probably doing it)

Watching movies, both Practical Magic (which is incidentally when the lizards decided to join us in the house...making me think this is a very powerful movie indeed) and Seven Pounds...which made me sob. Sob. And then Sob some more...

I think I may already need a nap.

Or an entirely different weekend.


Sillie_Girl said...

Friday Night was great! It sounds like the rest of your weekend was good also...a little trying with the lizards, but hey at least you made it through the night...w/out any lizards on your head! And both of those movies are great!

velvet brick said...

Ahhh.... I wish I had some of your rain down here... I guess I'm going to have to drive up north to find the non-soons!! ACK!
Glad to see you're getting your groove back, Stella! : ))


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