28 July 2009

The Wheels Keep Turning...

I was reminded of this fact quite simply yesterday during a walk on The Peavine Trail. I haven't been walking out there in a long time...because somewhere in my mind, I thought I was walking the trail for exercise and when I started attending the gym regularly, I stopped walking the trail. I had totally forgotten that I actually used the trail walking as a form of a walking meditation at one point. So yesterday, after work, I changed into more appropriate clothes (shorts and Chacos...I don't usually wear shorts in public unless I'm walking or hiking) and drove out to Peavine.

I also took a totally impromptu route, and one that I have always wanted to, but never have...for some reason. Yesterday was the perfect day for it...and I found myself veering off into the Riparian Habitat instead of the trail that leads through The Dells. I wanted to be totally enveloped in nature for this walk with no iPod or other stimulation (other than the sound of cars on the highway) and found myself cushioned by trees, sand, and the most wonderful tiny frogs who hopped away from my feet with my every step.

I walked all through the creek bed that is sometimes covered with water...listened to the birds and let myself unwind through the winding of the trail. I finally stopped at a rather large tree that is positioned over a small body of water and watched the huge lake frogs jump away and chirp at me...I noticed one frog who just floated there right under the surface of the water with only it's eye above the water...watching me and gently moving its feet every once in a while. I stood there a long time and marveled that no matter what it is that I choose to do on a daily basis that this life goes on right there. Every day. Even if I have chosen to never explore this part of my world...there are things that still happen that don't depend on me or my input...my thoughts or actions or the chatter of my mind...or even need to be seen by me.

They just are.

And I'm sure they're still there today...living their own life...and bringing a sense of peace to mine.


TomboCheck said...

I hit the peavine early in the AM (like 4:30) and it freakin rocks! Me and Scrappy are the first ones to scare the deer off the trail. :)

Anonymous said...

Sadira-that was lovely! I love hiking beside or fly-fishing in a freestone river for the same reasons. The water and wildlife melt away my racing thoughts and I am free again -- if only for a little while.

Rebecca is Thrilled by the Thought said...

What great insight! Nature makes us think the most loveliest of things.

velvet brick said...

What a beautiful 'journey'! This was a great memory, Sadira.....

Nicely done!


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