24 July 2009

Hello Monkey...

A little carved logo from Coffee Roasters here in town...in what happens to be left over from a tree, down in the riparian habitat that is Granite Creek...the creek which runs through downtown (when it has water in it that is) It was a lovely surprise to come across such whimsy in an unexpected place, which is usually a wonderful surprise.

Going into the weekend with lots of plans...meals with friends, a special get together, cooking and nurturing...all with a couple of road trips thrown in for good measure. It's been interesting times around Foolsewoode as of late, and I am looking forward to seeking unexpected whimsy this weekend.

What are your plans?


Sillie_Girl said...

I love your picture that is so cute!! My plans for the weekend include maybe buying a fireman/policeman for charity tonight, and the rest of the weekend, is spending good time with good friends while having great food!! (isn't that the best way to spend a weekend, with people you love/like?)

Dee said...

very cute find. My plans include getting over this cold and attending a church event at the pool on Saturday, packing son for camp on Monday..just the regular mom weekend.


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