16 July 2009

Darling Charlotte...

While blog hopping and visiting all the participants of The Mad Tea Party...I was excited to be introduced to many incredible and talented fellow bloggers. I was utterly delighted at every turn...and on top of all the creative visions out there, many participants were having give aways to enhance the festive atmosphere of Mad Tea Party day...and most of the giveaways could be joined by just leaving a comment.

Well, I happened to win something fabulous!

From The Mosaic Cottage...and to tell the truth, I was in absolute awe when I saw this giveaway because I've never before seen something so fantastic! (so it was doubly exciting to find out that I won this sweet girl) She just arrived yesterday and I love everything about her...She's so perfect and she's perched right in a place of honor on the mantle so that I can smile at her every day. Michelle also painted the box that she sent with the queen of hearts...so, it was just a pleasure to receive this parcel in the mail!

I am still stunned that this little Charlotte has come to live at Foolsewoode...but she's like the cherry on the cupcake!


Sillie_Girl said...

congratulations, she is beautiful and will fit right in at Foolsewoode :)

wende said...

Congratulations!! She's so very very cute! :D


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