27 July 2009


I had a lavishly fun-filled and exciting weekend!

The kick-off was Friday night sushi and most of the first season of Weeds with my friend Steven. You may remember that I met Steven 6 years ago while taking Italian at the college, and Steven is currently getting ready for an internship at Disney for the next semester. I am very proud of him! I am also very giggly about Weeds...a very interesting TV drama with some totally surprising story lines...

Saturday, my friend DaNece and I headed out to Skull Valley to visit Molly Day at her Cafe and to support a pretty fantastic local business...DaNece had never been there, and I have been lucky to be there a handful of times. Skull Valley is a picturesque place just down the hill from our fair town...and the cafe is a delight! I would not hesitate to say such a thing even if I didn't know that owner personally.

I tried the tuna melt this time...and I am here to tell you YUM! Molly's tuna salad has apples and celery in it and is delicious...as well as the side salad, which is made from locally grown lettuce. I also split a slice of Coconut Creme pie, since Molly is a mad pie maker now...and there are usually a few tempting pies in stock at all times.

After lunch,
we jumped in the car and were lucky enough to find the old depot and now museum grounds open. This afforded us the perfect opportunity take close-up pictures, as well as talk to the caretaker, who moved to Skull Valley in 1945 with his family because his father worked for the railroads.

It was very cool to be that close to the building, as it's usually under lock and key, and the caretaker talked to us for quite a while about the history of the area as he remembered it.

Saturday I hosted a little get-together at Foolsewoode...and I actually cooked! I haven't been cooking a lot lately (apparently, because I found myself really enjoying it as a novelty...good grief) Summer Spaghetti and french bread followed with a most delicious berry pie (kindly brought by an attending guest) and Shandys. (this would be a light beer with Sprite in it...the most perfect thing for a hot summer evening under the stars)

Amy and DaNece were my attending...and DaNece's sweet dog Lola. DaNece and I had discussed her bringing Lola for the evening, because of all the thunder sometimes animals don't do well this time of year. Well, I assured her that Meena isn't too freaked out by dogs and will usually either hide, or stay high up...and Lola is very timid and shy. After seeing Lola set about 2 paws into my living room, Meena puffed herself up and jumped onto Lola...sending her scrambling back outside. Meena then launced herself onto DaNece's leg (claws first) and hung there for a while. I grabbed Meena, and put her in one half of the house and we kept the traumatized dog with us. I was not expecting this reaction. I think maybe Meena sensed Lola's sweet nature and decided to just start their meeting off with a bit of kitty dominance?

So in answer to your question:

Yes. My cat can kick your dog's ass.
(but it's bad manners, and I don't encourage it)

And Sunday? Up to Flagstaff!

I am wondering if this is some kind of train depot post...and if it is, then why didn't I get a picture of our train depot? Because it's totally different from the other two I saw...weird.

Anywho...I roped DaNece into joining me for the jaunt up the hill...and we spent the day meandering around with no agenda other than to spend as much time doing whatever it was that struck our fancy...

DaNece hasn't spent a lot of time in Flagstaff...and I was able to show off some of my very favorite haunts. We stopped in at Macy's for a cuppa and a treat right off...The line was, of course about out the door, but we scored a seat at my most favorite table!

We then moved on to all the outfitters in the downtown, as well as the galleries and the Life Is Good store. Oddly enough, we both bought hats...

The hats came in very handy a little while later as we got stuck in a torrential monsoonal downpour of epic proportions that lasted all of about 15 minutes. This is normal though. When finally braving the small drizzle to the car, we realized we had recently bought hats and could probably put them to mighty good use about this point.

We did.

Then on to Bookman's, where I traded in some books and scored a wonderful new CD! I love Bookmans, and usually have a TON of credit saved up for there...although, I've let it lapse in recent years...but I managed to build it back up again on this trip.

It was a lovely, busy, and fun weekend indeed...and a perfect start to this next week.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like fun was had by all....except maybe the poor pup!
I need to head in your direction and get out of this heat. Maybe do a little exploring. :-)



Sillie_Girl said...

Look its me in my Batman shirt!! I had such a great time and don't worry those Meena scratches are healing just fine, I don't think I will loose the leg :-) Macy's rocked, anyone who goes to Flagstaff should definately go there!

wende said...

she can't kick my dog's ass. You know Miss Sophie would just eat her. :D

Sounds like a fun weekend. I'm afraid my version of fun is doing absolutely nothing.

I'm getting old, aren't I?

Catalyst said...

Well, I HOPE DaNeece is O.K. When I accidentally stepped on Smoke's tail and didn't realize it he latched into my leg with full force of teeth and claws. And I was wearing shorts. Took a run of antibiotics to get the swelling down and heal it.


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