08 July 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday...

Mornings at Foolsewoode...

Are not complete without a little cream in your coffee.

During my first
trip to Italy (after sleeping not even 15 minutes of the night) I awoke to stagger lightly dance down to the continental breakfast. In Italy, no meal is complete without Espresso (and I'm not sure what they do to their coffee there, but I can drink coffee there all day long and not be one bit jittery...If I did such a thing in the states, or didn't adhere to my strict half reg. half decaf. I would be committed...) and my espresso is not complete without latte.

In Italy, they happen to have warm latte.

This made me put down the latte that first day after pouring it in my coffee, look my companion squarely in the eyes and say, "I am not going to want to go back home!"
(and I actually felt more like that after I'd gotten a good night's sleep later, but for totally different reasons.)

You see, warm latte and not chilled cream, was a total novelty to me. I could add the perfect amount of cream to my coffee and not cool it down one little bit.


As I mentioned before, no morning is complete at Foolsewoode without a bit of cream...and while I don't actually heat my cream (and it's soy) I do pour it out into a little creamer I rescued from somewhere...so that at least it is room temperature when I pour it into my coffee.

I actually have a few creamers in the kitchen, but I have been using this one the most as it's my very favorite. First, the weight is perfect...it is nice and heavy and sturdy, like vintage restaurant china...and second? Well this is the reason I bought this baby. If you look very closely, under that flower decal someone put on there is the logo for The United States Army...

I am tickled that someone thought to put the little flowers over this instead of getting rid of it because it's wasn't decorative enough for them...

And it's perfect for my Latte...


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm...coffee and lattes.
My friends think I have a problem. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Well now.
That is simply brilliant.
Out out darn flower!
The wee pitcher shall be mine.
Thank you!
{{{Lehappy Lesigh}}

mushroommeadows said...

nummy lattes...I LOVE real cream in my coffee.

Kristal said...

I dream of Italy. I shall go, one day. And think of you while I sip my latte.


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