02 July 2009

Focusing On...

::On two different views::

::Things in the Distance::

::Looking into the window...and almost being able to see the mantle decorated for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday...and the lights twinkling therein.

::Another fantasy photo shoot...props gathered, photos taken, stories written...hopefully at the end of this month.

::Designing and completing a book based on the pictures and story from The Mad Tea Party for Clay, Lo Sciocco Favoloso...to express my thanks since he is currently without a computer.

::On things that are right in front of me::

::Kickin guacamole (my own special recipe...and a meal in itself) with a good friend.

::The sound of rain pouring off the roof, flowing right out of the gutters...the thunder in the distance...the reflection of lightning bouncing off the walls.

::My grandmother being rushed to the hospital and having trouble breathing...taking charge of Rozz, cooking her dinner, and watching tween TV. Waiting for updates via cell phone...will GG be admitted or not? She's 95. I don't suppose this is a great surprise, but it always is, isn't it?

::Laughing uproariously during phone updates with my mother about the conversation when she went to get GG...

As my mother tenderly threw her arm around GG, "It's OK mother. We'll get through this together."
GG stopping to look at her, "Good Heavens! Have you been eating garlic?!?!"

::The reminder of the strong women I come from, and the fact that whatever happens, we will indeed get through this together...and we'll be going down laughing.


GG was sent home last night after being in the emergency room with my mother for about 6 hours. I "guess" she's fine now, and they didn't really find anything wrong?


Anonymous said...

well-wishes for your grandma!

Sillie_Girl said...

I had such a great time last night, and your guacamole kicks some serious butt..good thoughts for your grandma and the rest of your family! remember if there is anything I can do to help let me know.

Kristal said...

Oh Sadira, I really hope everything is okay with your GG. Oh, how I miss my Gigi :0( She sounds like yours, she had so much spunk!!

sulu-design said...

You've mentioned guacamole enough times (between here and the sweet comments you leave on my blog) to have me consumed with thoughts of the food. I'm often too rushed and hungry to make actual guacamole, but your suggestion has resulted in several avocado with sea salt sandwiches at our place recently. My husband and I thank you.


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