15 September 2008

Tiny Adjustments...

See? I'm putting the word tiny in there, to reassure myself that the switching of my days off is not that big of deal...and besides, I actually like working on Saturdays.

It's busier...the time goes faster.

Plus? Having a day off that a lot of people usually go to work is nice because it's less busy out there in the world which makes it much easier to get things done...if one is inclined to run errands on their days off...playing catch-up with life.

I just got done
training a new person to fill in at Snap Snap when I'm not there, which is lovely...Of course I didn't loose my other person, seeing as we're related and all...she's just found a different opportunity, and my new gal is a good friend and has an open schedule so she'll be able to fill in when Rich's family comes to visit soon (that way I'll have time to spend with everyone, and boy am I looking forward to taking the extra time off to explore and play tour guide with Rich) So it's actually exciting and wonderful for everybody all the way around!

But, there's still an adjustment factor for me. It may be tiny...but it's there.

So far this "weekend":
  • I've met Dina and Liz for dinner, drinks and the movie The Women (which was OK...actually though, the previews had us all cracking up even more)
  • I got invited to see Rich and eat dinner and hang out at the Airstream last night. Our schedules have been quite off, and we've been missing each other quite a bit for the last week or so...There are always lots of phone calls and texts, but face time is very different indeed, and we've both taken to surprising each other for small increments of time instead...
  • I've rented and watched 2 movies, Baby Mama (made me laugh out loud a couple of times) and Definitely, Maybe (which actually, I haven't watched...but I've been looking forward to it ever since I saw the previews)
  • I have done no cleaning, but organized my left over books from last week's trip up to Flagstaff and was able to turn some in for credit here in town...the rest need to go to the library book sale
  • Swung by the library and picked up Marian Keyes new book "This Charming Man" I love this woman's books...also picked up the last season of Coupling...one of my favorite BBC series
I even got up a little late this morning testing out my new Monday off, and found that I couldn't rest or feel settled until I went to the gym and did my workout...Since you know? I usually took the weekends off unless it was yoga previously...but, I need to try to keep that gym schedule going, apparently. Well, I guess that's become a positive habit.

Who knew?

And today?
Well, who knows what today will hold...probably a lot more relaxation, movie watching and a run to buy salad at CostCo...

And a bite or two of my special adjustment rice krispie treats...because that always helps new things go smoother...


Anonymous said...

Sleeping in, rice krispie treats, a day off, and a run to Costco. Doesn't get any better than this!


She sure is strange! said...

I think Lois is right, nothing beats a rice krispie treat(or three), especially paired with a glass of wine and Coupling!

Yeah for going to the gym!!


Chickenbells said...

Lois - That is very true. I also have the weird feeling that I'm playing hooky because I'm not at work today...

SheSureIsStrange - Oh, no wine for me during the day, I'm afraid that would set up a bad habit...I'll just stick with the sugar instead, that's bad enough! Especially since I've spent so much time at the gym...and there's a special dress I just bought for a certain someone's gallery opening in just over a month...I am crossing my fingers it will fit like I want when it gets here...which means that I am definitely watching my sugar intake from here on out...

Indigo Robe said...

My sweet husband stopped at the store on the way home Tues. to buy Baby Mama for me. I love Tina Fey (we are Philly girls) and I just adored all the philly references in the film. Oh, and her cool clothes.... "east coast girls are hip, I really dig those styles they wear!"

Anywho....you recent cupcake shopping post (ok, recent as in last month?) made me run out and buy some tips for a pastry bag so I can decorate me some cupcakes! I'll have to take photos for the blog.

Happy Fall! :-)

Chickenbells said...

Indigo Robe - That was very sweet of him! (the part about the olive oil and the Pam? Yeah...That is still cracking me up!!) I LOVE Tina Fey...Mean Girls is one of my favorite movies as well. I'm certainly glad I could inspire more cupcake consumption in your life...I can't wait to see the pictures of the one's you make!!

Anonymous said...

Marian Keyes has a new book? Where have I been? I want to see Baby Mama even more now. And Definitely, Maybe was OK.

You had me at the picture of the treats. Yumm. I must be hungry or something.


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