03 September 2008

Being Frankenstein...


Every last one of you requested I post a picture of my new do and glasses.

Apparently it's not embarrassing enough that I pour my heart out on a daily basis to you...but I need to post a picture of myself in the new haircut that makes my head look square?

I was going to name each and every one of you my BFF's...but, now? I just don't know.

(Dramatic enough for you?)

Ok. Ummmm...let's see. I'll use the um...Canon to do this because I'm sure that will make me look better...

Damn, it's a little heavier in one hand than the Elph isn't it?


That's not really the full effect now is it? But isn't it nice that you can see my little Italian holy water holder and my very cool vintage picture frame? I know...they're fantastic!

Oh yeah, but that's not my full face is it? Nor can you see the sweet little rows of rhinestones on the sides of my glasses.


You know, this would be easier if I actually knew something about this camera and Rich hadn't set the big screen in the back to off, so that I need to look through the viewfinder to figure out if I can get the shot...


That's me! Now I can see it all. Well, I can see it all...all you can see is some git with a camera in front of her face. And don't let this photo fool you...the minute I get done trying to style my hair and reach for the hairspray to try to set it to round, my whole head turns square (tint me green and put some bolts in my neck...Halloween, here I come!)...

And, I can't help but think that my hands look really old.

Great. This haircut makes my hands look old too.


Here you go.

Me. As Frankenstein...


You don't like the black and white? Because everyone looks better in black and white? Yeah, they probably look better in pictures without a large camera pointed at a mirror too...with their tiny head way under a bunch of blank space or without a dramatic spaced-out smirk on their face that makes you want to smack them and then look up their nose...


Here you go...my arty shot of me...being Frankenstein...in color.

Because I love you.

But only just...


Anonymous said...

I love it! Both look absofeakinglutely fantabulous!!!!!

thatgirldina said...

Oh puhl-leezzzeeee!!!! Frankenstein? NOnoNO! Frickin'cute is more like it. I think you look adorable. And, not to be a pest or anything, but can you give us a close-up of the specs? You know...since I haven't seen them in person yet, and you know how I love me some new glasses. And you too.

Chickenbells said...

Lois - You are too kind my darling!

I kept thinking that Steve only cut off about 2 or 3 inches, but I'm thinking it was more like 5 or 6...it's hard to say, it was mostly from the back of my head..and we all know how stuff is back there, I mean, it's always surprising to me to see a picture someone snapped of my butt...

Dina - No...I am going to have to insist that you see them in person. How's that a bribe for us to get together?? I'll bring the pupcakes...

flutter said...

SO adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Drama queen! LOL!

You hardly look like Frankenstein. It looks great! I'm not getting the flat head thing of which you speak.

velvet brick said...

F - flirty
R - relaxed
A - awesome
N - nice
K - kicky
E - easy-going
N - new!
S - sassy
T - trendy
E - excellent
I - individualized
N - neat

I love it! : )

Suzanne said...

I LOVE the new do and glasses! It is very softening to your face!

She sure is strange! said...

That's a great cut for you, silly goose!!! You can flip it up or under or pull it back and have whispies... it is cute!

Sorry about your house going off on you(the head injury).


Chickenbells said...

You Guys!!! How sweet you are...you are officially installed back on the BFF list...

I am still barely on speaking terms with my hair...I have hopes that it will be better soon.

sulu-design said...

So stinkin' cute, seriously! I love the bangs, and the flirty little layers. Frankenstein must have been one hot momma.


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