05 April 2007

What a Day!

Oh well, thank you very much for all of the compliments (and my dear Capello, I would hate me too if the skirt was a "real" 2...I mean, come on...the day before I wore this, I was wearing a juniors 11...) (although I have to brag that someone that I had a little walking date with quite a while ago, whom I haven't seen in a long time was astounded by the way I looked as he visited me in the shop yesterday, exclaiming that, while I have always been cute I am now indeed "Quite a Hottie" and a "Total Package"...because of my personality too, all while he stood there and blushed away...It was quite sweet, and made me melt a little bit) sigh.

And after such an illustrious day in the Size 2, how could the day get any better? (you eagerly ask) Well, I came home and had myself an amazing massage. Now, this is done for purely therapeutic reasons (uh-huh) because my body has been so sore since last weeks big revelations, that I have hardly been able to get comfortable (all of my walks have stopped because of the soreness, and I'm really trying to be gentle with myself by not pushing it) so, a deep tissue massage was in order to move some of this stuck energy and so I can feel more comfortable in my body and process all of this better...and I happen to have a friend who comes to your house...ahhhh. Bliss. An hour massage, followed by a vinegar bath (to help with the toxins) tons of water and tea...a bit of dinner,a handful of organic banana chips from Trader Joes for something a little sweet (because when I get really emotional like this I hardly eat, but I do eat well when I do...don't panic, and the thought of refined sugar gives me a near panic attack...I enjoy it while it lasts because I know my appetite will come back, and there is chocolate around this house that needs to be eaten, darn it!)...a sweet visit with Ms. Dina, and a deep sleep. I'm a little sore, but I feel a lot better.

I also worked on some more ephemera pieces to be made into cards. I have actually been working on these on and off since the February Valentines Extravaganza, and I have been a little unsure of what to do with all of them...don't worry though, I'm creative, I'll figure it out!

I especially like this one because it says:

I hope you do not imagine that there was any impropriety in the Prince and Princess walking together, in the first place they are cousins; the Queen always wished that Angelica and Giglio should marry; so did Angelica sometimes, for she though her cousin very handsome, brave and good-natured.

Wouldn't it be a perfect card for say an inappropriate wedding between cousins?

Or this one:

Say but the word, that thou wilt be mine own, - and thou the sharer of my heart and throne.
after which, Betsinda went off.

(I especially love the little unconscious guy on the bottom. Can you tell that I'm feeling a little down on marriage and relationships right now?)

I've got my work cut out for me on these ones, and still more books to go through, but it's so fun, and one of the only things I've felt that I wanted to do lately. So, it will fulfill my creative expression until I get the urge to dust off the ole' sewing machine again...

PS. is it weird that the episode of Everyone Loves Raymond that was shot in Italy is making me homesick? (especially since I'm of Irish descent and have never lived in Italy for more than 2 weeks at a time?) This time last year I was actually packing for Italy, and celebrated my birthday on Easter Sunday on a hillside in the medieval town of Selci. Sigh.

Come on Phoenix Trip...


Tonya said...

You always make me laugh. It's great to start my day laughing.(about the married cousins). Of couse you miss Italy I don't think it matters what our heritage is, if we feel a connection with something, then it becomes a part of us. So there's a part of you that's Italian. Just like there's a part of me that's Santa Barbaraian...uh that doesn't sound right. Anyway, it was so great talking with you that last Tuesday. I think you Dina and I should do something sometime. Have a great week. Oh, you look great in that skirt, size 2, no matter what designer it is, it's still a size 2. I don't wear a size 2 in any designer. So that's wonderful.
I hope you're feeling better, I'm sorry you haven't been well. I'll talk to you later.-Tonya

vanessa said...

Oooooo! Fun skirt wonderfulness! (below) and What a great day of lovely blushing comments from boys and Getting ready for trips.. and massages!!!! Italy? let's go.. I mean, if you are feeling homesick and all....

Wende said...

:) I've been homesick for lots of places I've never lived... or been for that matter. I have this reoccurring dream of a house on the beach in a town I've never been--but I'm pretty convinced that it exists. :D

As for feeling down on anything... right there with you! :D Yay for massages. I think one is order for me! :D

sulu-design said...

I love the cousin card! I don't think that Hallmark has one for that sort of wedding.


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