30 April 2007

...Oh, Thank You...

Such a lucky girl am I...so many friends and family, so much life/Birthday love...and what better way to express my appreciation but to drag out the piles of ephemera, cut, snip...and rubber cement my way into a high...I mean, create a pathway to my gratitude:

They are only dreams-
they come to fetch the thoughts that
you posses a grateful heart. The Raven entered the first salon which was of purple colored satin-here the dreams were rushing around again more magnificent one than the other, much of which resembled a life

When the little dwarf heard he was to dance, he was so proud that he ran among the white rose in an absurd ecstasy of pleasure and clumsy gestures of delight.
The flowers were quite indignant at his daring.

They came to the mountain where the rainbow rays of the colored fringe reached into it

Festivity and merrymaking followed, for there was much to be told and many announcements to be enjoyed in this happy age.
The princess and often youthful ruler was sitting and talking over old times.

The dama-fruit like a peach, makes you invisible.
The fruit is the most delicious thing that grows, and when it makes us invisible, the bears can not find us to eat us. So please sit down and eat as much as you like.


I ought to be a fairy
for to be just an ordinary fairy is to be lucky

The young man knelt down and put her royal foot on his head; he bedewed the ground with his tears; he was frantically in love with her.
For the most part, her Majesty walked among them quite unaware of the problems her beauty was causing.

Before them, the clouds stopped and circled around them like a corkscrew.

And many thans to you also; all that read this little blog...and for your sweet comments. It is wonderful and humbling to know there are people who check in every day. It would also be nice to receive comments from everyone who does...I'd love to know who each and every one of you are, and yet, I understand how nice it is to be anonymous too.
So...for all that leave a comment this week, I will put your name in a little hat...to be drawn out at the end of the week,
AND you will get a special little surprise...
if you don't have a Blogger account or I don't know how to get a hold of you, please leave that information as well!
(One, or more comments a day will = one entry)

Because...One should give thanks where one is due, don't you think?


(Most of the above images were taken from the book, Little Dorothy and The Wizard of OZ, and before you get too upset...I promise that I do not regularly go around ripping up valuable vintage books, but focus more on books that are somewhat thrashed beyond value, that way I can give them new life)


Anonymous said...

One of your fellow "Power of 5" wants to very much give to you, her heartfelt thanks, for you coming into Velvet Bricks heart and soul. I so admire the universe and it's way of presenting itself to those who are in need. You have brought her such peace and the knowing of not being alone. I am forever grateful for you opening your heart and for the exchange that you both have. It's a holiness for me.
Peace always...

Liz said...

Wow - I was just going to tell you that I liked the cards, but after reading the comment above I feel like I should be sitting on a giant chair swinging my legs like a little girl. What a lovely message from "N".

Anyone - nice cards. :)

velvet brick said...

Ha..ha.... Liz... you're too cute... N really has a way with words, does she not??

Oh my, my talented buddy...what you can do with scissors and paper! Too charming... love your creative spirit and what you have done with it.

Dear Chickenbells, thank YOU for all of the joy you bring ME!! Daily visits to you are such a true, true treat! I love your pictures, the accounts of your beautiful life, your spunk and spirit and yes...the red candlelier! I admit it - it captivates me! : ) Even though I can't hope in my Tahoe and buzz up the mountain to see you in person, I feel like I've 'visited' you by stopping by your blog. So thank you for keeping us 'in the loop'...we all love you !! : )

sulu-design said...

Don't put me in the raffle - your posts are prize enough, and you know I'd comment raffle or no raffle. I hope that some readers de-lurk for you!


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