04 April 2007

Does it Count?

...that I picked up this adorable corduroy skirt yesterday at the thrift...And decided to try it on when I got home last evening...And it fits.

It's a size 2.

oh yes.

it is.

But, does it count? Because it's J Jill. I mean, they're like the Gap of higher end clothes...kind of like Abercrombie and Fitch pants? (because we all know that their shirts are far too small for anyone shaped like a, um...woman) yet their pants run a little big...

So, does it count?

oh yes.

it does.

(Of course, if one cares to...one can look in my closet and see anything from a...well...2 to 11)


thatgirldina said...

Not only does it TOTALLY count, but you look adorable in it!

Wende said...

Oh, great skirt!

And it does count. I had a pair of pants like that for years...until I just couldn't wear them any longer! Glee!!

capello said...

too cute!

and kinda hate you too.

Anonymous said...

Hot diggity girl! I think my right arm might fit in a size 2! And now that the belly is growing, I'm finding myself in one or two sizes larger, borrowing clothes from friends. While you're wasting away, I'm picking it up on my end!

Anonymous said...

By the way, that was SUZ that wrote above.

sulu-design said...

The skirt is adorable... and congratulations on looking so good in (and fitting so well into) it!


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