27 April 2007

What I Need...

...To be woken up sweetly
and greeted with love...

Kissed and cherished? Sung to? Gazing deep into the eyes of a lover? With a text message from a dear one? Drinking freshly brewed coffee poured into a mug that greets me with the words Good Morning in every language in the world? Drawing and luxuriating in glorious bubble bath as a treat to myself every morning?


With a little heart on my screen door...
a gentle reminder from the universe that I am loved...
isn't it lovely?

Isn't life amazing?
every day?

Or...you could turn on the computer and do what Joleene mentioned in a post the other day...if you type in your name followed by the word needs into google...you get all sorts of wonderful suggestions for what it is you may be lacking...what you may need in your life...And even after waking up everyday to a new surprise I decided to give it a go. Since my given name, Sadira is quite unusual...I had to go with my nickname, which is Sadie.

Sadie Needs:

committed family (luckily, I have that...)
a secure 6 ft. fence (gheeze, people trying to keep me away from them?)
help and she needs it fast (sometimes the sooner the better...)
to find a new home (Wait...I lOVE my home)
a patient home with a family who can earn her trust and help mend her broken spirit quality (yeah, that's what all the therapy's been about, right?)
attention and training (well, there are a few more things I could learn)
chicken breasts (hmmm...)
a high level of structure in her day and also has had low muscle tone since birth (hey now)
consistent love and patient attention (doesn't everyone?)
someone to help her make decisions (Ok...not as much as I once did)
to be loved unconditionally, treated gently, allowed to trust you (yes...trust builds slowly!)
to "Jingle All The Way" through 2007 (better than "jiggle" all the way)
status as a three-legged cow (wha...?)
to be with her boyfriend right now (true...I ask the universe everyday to send him to me!)
to temporarily become personally vulnerable (I try to be open about what's happening in my life with everyone)

And a little something I don't need...

doesn't need a muzzle or mind altering drugs (Well, some days I do need both...thank you very much)

So, I suggest you try it yourself...see what it is that you need, and try to get it this weekend...


*I'm off to a hot dinner date tonight

*Book shopping this weekend with Ms. D
(we're looking for a new book my darling sister recommended...How To Spot A Bastard By His Star Sign ahem...research for a new website we want to create and launch, which can only lead to soup and salad at The Wildflower Bakery...they have the bestest Caesar salad, of which I am a connoisseur...with these great mushrooms in it? Oh, heaven on earth!)

*Visiting my new Cell Phone
(still saving for it, and waiting for my plan to allow a discount)

*And organizing things in the house...getting ready for a yard sale at Ms. D's neighborhood block sale in June...

Out with the old...
In with the new...


Tonya said...

Thanks for always making me laugh. I'm going to go try that, Tonya needs. That will be interesting. Hopefully it won't have a 3 legged cow. I'm interested in hearing more about your website.

Liz said...

I'm concerned about the thought that you need chicken breasts - do you think they meant for cooking or to replace the ones you already got? :)

Anonymous said...

Omg, way too funny!

Will post my needs in a bit.


capello said...

someone needs to jingle through the year? seriously?

wouldn't that be kinda loud? and obnoxious?

Vanessa V said...

YOu look so mysterious and gorgeous! WOWsa. Sounds like you are having a wonderful weekend... I miss visiting Prescott! Must visit very very soon!!!! xxxxoooo, V

Wende said...

Oh darn, the google thing doesn't work very well with my name (it's not common enough). However, when I put in IZ's name it said, "IZ needs a girlfriend." Heh. :D

Vanessa V said...

Pssssst, You are a WINNER!!!!

sulu-design said...

A six foot fence, huh? To keep your hot date off your vixen self, I guess?!? You look fabulous! Enjoy the night out.


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