13 April 2007

Packed and Loaded...

Well...today is the day! (and happy Friday the 13th to you) The much anticipated weekend getaway for the girlie and I (in fact, we've been beyond silly, even for us, for the last 24 hours...breaking into spontaneous giggles and jumping up and down clapping and dancing...we've waxed, plucked, manicured, dyed, scrubbed, planned, saved and packed ourselves into the weekend...and we've already talked this morning once...the type of conversation that goes, "...do you have...? Oh, OK, then I won't bring mine" and "...did you remember to pack...?" and "why oh why don't we have a truck for all the goodies we'll certainly want to buy?") I am packed and ready to go...I couldn't be more ready if I was sitting at the end of my sidewalk eagerly waiting for the work day to end so that we could be on our way.

I have high hopes for this trip:

  • A special surprise for me...to commemorate exactly what has happened in my life, and where I'm at (you will finally know soon...)
  • The feeling of being well rested and shopped, and staying at a luxury hotel.
  • A change of scenery may do us both good, helping us to be regenerized...to come home happier and sweeter more tollerant versions of ourselves...able to tackle work and life with totally new attitudes.
  • A new dress for me for my birthday.
  • New make-up and girlie stuffs.
  • Margaritas and giggly fun with friends.
  • Dancing the night away (although, the club we're planning on going to sometimes we can not find. I am beginning to wonder if it's one of those places that only show up when it's supposed to...like a magic dance club?)
  • The chance to get away with an amazing friend...with absolutley no responsibility other than to have fun...and indulge (and you can bet that we have all our eating establishments planned out already)
  • A quick trip to Trader Joe's to stock up on all the wonderful goodies that we can't get up here in the Northland...

Oh, and who knows what else? Have we left enough time to be spontaneous and play things by ear? And, what ever will we get ourselves into? Since the hotel has free internet, I am planning on shlepping both the computer and the camera down there, so I will try to post while we're in the middle of it all...

But, just in case we're having too much fun...
I'll be back next week...


thatgirldina said...

Packed and LOADED? That's not until Saturday night silly!?! ;) And besides it's only 8am! Sheesh!

Okay, so my jokes are bad this early in the morning.

It's it 6PM yet?

artandghosts said...

all of this sounds extremely exciting!

i looked here yesterday and im sure there were no posts - and today there are so many!
glad i have finally found you now:)

have fun!

wende said...

Oh, have fun you two!! :D And that bag rocks! :D ~W

Kathy said...

"Waxed, plucked, manicured..." You're my kind of girl! I hope you have tons of fun and relaxation on your fabulous weekend of fun! I hope you have time to post so we can live vicariously through you. If not, I can't wait until you get back and fill us in! HAVE A BLAST!!


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