24 April 2007



Is it this natural to be this excited about one's new car?

(the dear ones new name)

Oh dear, I am now sitting around making up reasons to go somewhere...

just to drive.

And here I was, sitting in front of the computer (well, to be fair, the computer was sitting next to me) while trying to watch a movie, and I thought I would just sneak on to see if I could find a dashboard cover...and that led to accessories...and then the end of the movie.

I didn't even look up to turn the DVD player off.
It's serious.

I don't believe I've enjoyed a car this much since my VW Bug in high school...whom I loved dearly (my theory is that Volkswagen's tend to be like a soulmate...as they take on their own personalities) But, I have some advice to seek...I would like keyless entry. Very much, in fact, and I am torn (you see, I like the idea of flashing tail lights as I walk through the parking lot. I can't tell you how many times I've already walked by the car, and haven't seen her, and then gone into a panic because I don't quite remember what I'm looking for...and then sigh with pleasure and relief when I finally remember, and find her...I may need a little extra help for a bit. I guess it's been a while since I've had a new car to look for) I went to Best Buy last night to look at the systems they had, and I can either get keyless entry with an alarm, or keyless entry with auto-start. I can, of course, get all of it on a deluxe system, but it comes with the largest key-chain I've ever seen, and I don't think that I am quite that committed to carrying something that large around.

  1. So...If I may ask, what do you all have?
  2. What do you wish you didn't have?
  3. And what do you wish that you did have?
No hurry...I'm gonna' have to save for it anyway, seeing as the specialness of the model is going to cost me extra to install it...

and so it begins...


Tonya said...

fI do love having keyless entry. At night when I park in the back of the shop (the alley) it's so nice to unlock it from the remote and jump in. No key fumbling. I have a simple remote lock. The outside lights only blink when I lock it but the interior light comes on when I unlock it. It also doesn't beep when it's locked or unlocked. That would be good in a large parking lot. Or in my case, in every parking lot, there are like 10 other Nissan Xterras and if it wasn't for the Pixies sticker I would never find it.
Having a new car is so fun. I was always taking drives just for the fun of it. Talk to you later.

Wende said...

I have keyless entry with an alarm. What I like about it, is if I can't find my car in the lot I can just "unlock/lock" my doors and my car beeps. :D No more losing my car.

But, if I were a single woman, living on my own (ie, coming home to an empty house etc...) I would consider the auto-start. From a safety perspective, it would be nice to be able to get into my car and leave immediately. These days, I live in podunk village and am out mostly with the kiddo--so I don't think about it. Probably still should! At least get something with a panic button. :D

vanessa v said...

Oh Happy happy happy Honey car!!!! I am so excited for you, you have noooo idea! I think there is a drug in the new car smell. Kinda like, Drakkar Noir on a firstish kiss in 1989, for me at least......And, why does Drakkar noir not smeel so good to me anymore. now it smells like a slimey player guy... hee hee......

Anyhow, don't listen to me ramble, I love your car! I am delighted that you are delighted... Now, drive around the block again, vite vite....

sulu-design said...

I will be of no help here as:
1. I have a Metrocard (to get on the NYC subway).
2. I wish I didn't have a Metrocard.
3. I wish I had a car!


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