11 April 2007


Sniff - Sniff...

Seriously, I'm dying here.

And, I know exactly when it started, I can almost pin-point it to the exact moment. I had a rather uneventful day (sneezing and sniffing wise) walked home in the near hurricane wind (yes, we are supposed to have 40 mph. gusts...which I'm thinking the word gust should be substituted for something else entirely...maybe a bit of a spring zephyr?) fed the kitty, hopped in the car, and drove over to mom's. Where I innocently poured myself a glass of home made chai tea, tenderly sat down on the couch, and began to sneeze.

And sneeze.
And sneeze.

Accompanied by sniffing...
a lot of sniffing.

So, I had to leave her house, and come home and try to recover. I have absolutely no idea what was causing the sneezing...I mean, we have 4 different kinds of Juniper up here (which I'm allergic to) and Cottonwood (which haven't started their annual attack yet...I think anyway) Plus, I'm so juiced up on allergy medication, it's not even funny (you know, just in case some pollen snuck in and had it's way with me) We were joking maybe it's the pollen from the Apple blossoms...could it be such a thing?

What on earth is happening to me? I haven't had an allergy attack like this since before I got divorced...as a matter of fact, I was depending on the idea that I was in fact so allergic to being in my marriage, as soon as my ex walked out, my allergies got better.

Which they did.
Go figure.

Plus, I had all these great realizations today about myself and my life...do you think that it could possibly be a reaction to my past and/or present emotional healing?

I mean, I see a therapist every week! I journal! I meditate!

Oh Carp...
I may be in big trouble...


Wende said...

When it comes to allergies, I wouldn't rule any flowering tree out!

This is the worst year for allergies, for me. I'm also hopped up on more meds but it doesn't seem to be making a big dent!

Maybe your change of location in 1 day 12 hours and change will do you some good. :D

Vanessa said...

OH NO!!!! I hope you don't have that horrible horrible thing I have had for 7 days??? It was bad?? I thought it was allergies, but it morphed into something awful..Do you feel better yet???Oh no, sending hugs a bunch, xxo, V


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